Pushpinder Gill

Assistant Professor of Marketing

University of Tennessee, Chattanooga


I am an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Windsor. My research focuses on the restaurant industry typically accomplished through a rigorous integration of theory, social media data, behavioral experiments, machine learning applications, and econometric methods. . I received a Ph.D. in Marketing from Iowa State University in 2022. Prior to my Ph.D., I worked in the services franchising sector for 7 years in Dubai, India, and New Zealand. 

My research has been published in the Journal of Academy of Marketing Science (FT50) and the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing (ADBC A), and I have a manuscript under 3rd review at the Journal of Marketing Research (FT50). I have received six research awards. I have taught six courses at the university level (digital marketing analytics, social media marketing, marketing research, services marketing, and principles of marketing) with high ratings. I speak three languages, love to travel, spend time with my family and watch soccer matches (especially Chelsea FC).