Hendrik Purwins

AI R&D, Teaching, Implementation

AI for Audio, Quality Monitoring, Text and Document Analytics (NLP), Logistics

Currently I am AI Lead for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia at Accenture Emerging Technologies. I have worked for world leading companies in automotive, aerospace, pharma, entertainment, and banking. Previously I was Associate professor at Audio Analysis Lab and the Sound and Music Computing group at AAU in Copenhagen in August 2013, I have been researcher at Neurotechnology Group and the Machine Learning Group at Technische Universität Berlin where I worked on the discovery of neural correlates of music and 3D vision. Before I had been lecturer at theMusic Technology Group at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. I have also been head of research and development at PMC Technologies. I have been visiting researcher at Perception and Sound Design Team, IRCAM, CCRMA, Stanford, Auditory Lab, McGill, and visiting professor at UPF. I have obtained my PhD "Profiles of Pitch Classes" on machine learning applied to audio information retrieval at the Neural Information Processing Group at the CS/EE Department at Technische Universität Berlin, receiving a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (by then only awarded to the 0.5 % best students in Germany). Before that I studied mathematics at Universität Bonn and Universität Münster, completing a diploma in pure mathematics (all grades 'A'). Starting with playing the violin at age of 7, I have played several string quartet and orchestra concerts during my mandatory military service with the professional German head quarters chamber orchestra. I have (co-)authored 85+ scientific papers. I am first author of 5 articles with a JCR impact factor of at least 5. (Resume, Publication List).


Research & Development

In general, I am transferring cutting edge AI/Machine Learning (Deep / Online /Unsupervised /Meta / Few-Shot / Reinforcement Learning) to application domains such as audio, gesture recognition, image recognition, predictive maintenance and quality control in manufacturing, agents in video games, and robotics. In particular I have worked on:

    • Audio-Visual Feedback for Self-Monitoring Posture in Ballet Training (video,paper)

Project Management

Industry Collaborations


Taught far more than 1000 h on applied machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, signal processing, speech processing, machine listening, programming, music cognition, operating systems. Full Teaching List/Statement).

  • Document Analytics (NLP)

  • Artificial Intelligence Programming (CNN, RNN, RL)

  • Machine Learning for Media Technology (parametric/Bayesian/unsupervised/projection methods) and SMC MS)

  • Sound and Music Signal Analysis (SMC MS, promotion video )

  • Design and Analysis of Experiment (Media Tecchnology BS)

  • Ethnograpically Informed Design (Media Technology BS)

  • Project supervision (RL, Deep Learning, audio/gesture/image recognition) looking for students: Project/thesis proposal catalogue )

  • Experience with various concepts (flipped classroom: Example Video , peer assessment, problem-based learning)


  • Accenture, Glashaus Am Park, Anni-Albers-Straße 11, 80807 München

  • Email:

    • hendrik.purwinsATaccentureDOTcom (replace 'DOT' by '.' and 'AT' by '@')

    • hpurwinsATgmailDOTcom (replace 'DOT' by '.' and 'AT' by '@')

  • ++ 49 1511 14 07 926

Former Masters Students

  • (at NI, TUB): Immanuel Normann (pagina GmbH),

  • (at MTG, UPF): Srikanth Cherla (Jukedeck), Katerina Kosta (Jukedeck), Marco Marchini (Spotify), Ahmed Nagi, Maria Panteli (Spotify), Panos Papiotis (MTG, UPF), Pratyush (Radial Inc.), Ines Salselas, Simon Scholler (Newsenselab GmbH), Felix Tutzer ( Nous Wissensmanagement Gmbh)

  • (at SMC, AAU): Matteo Lionello (University College London), Aleix Claramunt Molet (BMAT), Jose-Luis Diez Antich (Moodagent), Andrea Corcuera Marruffo (Oticon), Jorge Madrid Portillo, Mattia Paterna (Canecto), Nicolai Gahede (Danske Bank), Iakovos Vogiatzoglou (runtales)

  • (at Medialogy, AAU): Esben Knudsen, Benjamin Ejlertsen (Apple), Jevgenij Martinkevic, Sebastian Siem Bach-Nielsen, Jannik Vilhelm Reffstrup, Sevastiyan Miloslavski Tsvetkov, Krisjanis Urcs, Ernest Bofill Ylla (Sitecore)

Former Ph.D. Student

  • (at MTG, UPF, co-supervisor: Xavier Serra): Stefan Kersten (Locosonic,Dolby)