Pueblo De Los Angeles High School

Social Studies Courses & Electives

Teacher: Ms. Valencia - Social Studies Teacher and Elective Courses Valencia

Ms. Valencia



Entrepreneur Pathway Courses

Entrepreneurs (Under Construction)

Floral Design I

Floral Design II

Floral Design III (Under Construction)

Starting Your Own Business (Under Construction)


Photography I

Photography II

Web Design

Global Digital Citizens (Under Construction)

Real Estate Licensing (Under Construction)



Painting 1A/B (Under Construction)

Arts and Crafts

Pueblo de Los Angeles Student Video Projects by Subject:

Health Issues - Videos on Depression

Photography - Ansel Adams by Wessin

Photography - Efrain Navarrette

Geography - William Manzano - Indians

U.S. History A - Technology Timeline - by William Manzano

U.S. History A - WWI - by Sabrina Vargas

Government: Brown Vs. Board of Education

Government: Tinker vs . Des Moines Independent Community School District - by Brianna Rodriguez

History Investigation Courses: Site (Mr. Nemetz - Contract Classes)