Transform your child into a confident compassionate LEADER FOR TOMORROW!

In an increasingly competitive world, each individual is expected to excel not only in their academics but also in various extra-curricular activities. Their skills in leadership, communication, confidence, team work along with knowledge of their surroundings are out to test every day in every sphere of life. In order to succeed in this ever-growing globalised world, it has become essential that one enhances their life skills, along with their understanding of the world around them.

To help our children, achieve their full potential and prepare them for the real world, Leaders For Tomorrow Foundation has specially designed programmes to inculcate effective communication skills, unleash your child's inner confidence, develop their leadership skills and expand their awareness of the world around them

Leaders For Tomorrow Public Leadership Programme is a holistic life skill development programme to develop our children into RESPONSIBLE, COMPASSIONATE AND CONFIDENT GLOBAL CITIZENS. The one- year certificate programme works towards enhancing the students’ ability to focus, boost their confidence and cognitive and social skills. It aims to provide children training in leadership, public speaking, confidence, team work and management to mould them into true leaders for tomorrow.

Our programme empowers each child to:

  • Develop self-confidence
  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Overcome fears and seize opportunities
  • Set goals and actualise these targets
  • Push limits and expand their prospects
  • Cultivate new ideas and share it with confidence
  • Actively interact with peers
  • Become compassionate and responsible citizens

This leadership training programme has been carefully designed for your children on the basis of the 15 years of experience Leaders For Tomorrow Foundation has had in the field of leadership training with the youth. A social movement started in 2003, we focus on providing life skill training to the youth to develop them into compassionate and confident leaders for tomorrow! Leaders For Tomorrow Foundation was finally registered in 2009 as a not-for-profit organisation and has trained over 2,50,000 youth over the years through leadership training programmes and social action events.

Through the programme we focus on developing the skills of each student in:


Team Work

Public Speaking & Communication

Confidence Building

Time and Stress Management

Making Presentations