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Welcome to Creative Public, my name is Jennifer - that little cutie pie next to me is my daughter Madeline. We love to create.

The information on this site is presented in good faith. I am educated in business, but I do not have a law degree. There is no legal advice here. I may have linked to some legal resources, but this page is born mainly out of creativity and creative interest (passion, some might call it). I have an understanding of how copyright works and how the public domain and licensing, such as creative commons tie into that.

I built this site because I am a lover of the arts, images, music, books, and really old stuff. :) The public domain has all of those things and I am totally fascinated. I feel like it is my personal mission to find everything in the public domain and put it all in one place. After all, it belongs to you, and me, and the guy that rang up my groceries this morning. You should be able to find it all - quickly and easily.

This site is for reference and should be used as such. My research and work here will be ongoing and I will do my best to keep the links alive and the content fresh. Lots more to come. See my contact page for info on how to get in touch.