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The header on this page is in the public domain CC0 - I am not obligated to include attribution. That is not to say that you can't offer it. In the spirit of "share alike" I found this fantastic image at one of my favorite free photo sites by way of: - both very excellent resources.

Photography in the public domain or with a creative commons license

1 million free pictures (CC0 1.0) All photos are dedicated to the public domain and are completely free. Terms of Use

4 Free Photos (CC0 1.0) and (CC BY 3.0) Free photos for personal and commercial use. Terms of use Photos are free images for personal and commercial use, however copyright information must be displayed. Website use requires attribution. Photos cannot be resold, repackaged, or redistributed. Fre

ABS Free Pic (CC0 1.0) Use images for personal and commercial use without permission. These stock photos are 100% free and are also royalty free - no redistribution or using images for anything naughty. You know what I mean.

Alegri (CC BY 3.0) or (CC0 1.0) Please check the license listed on these individual image page before download. See terms page for proper attribution.

Alex Wild Photography CC0 linked page only (CC0 1.0) You can download, modify, distribute and use the photos on this site free for anything you like, even for commercial purpose.

Antarctic Photo Library (Gov) Print and electronic media may use the photos free of charge with credit. Schools, educational and encyclopedia publishers, and similar institutions may use the photos freely to further educational awareness of Antarctica. No one may reproduce the photos for personal or commercial profit, use the photos on products for sale or use the photos for advertisement without express permission from the photographer.

Animal Photos Image Copyright is held by original owners; all are licensed as either CC-BY or CC-BY-SA.

A to Z Stock Images (no redistribution) (cc0 1.0) - - 155,582 Free Images and Free Stock Photos

Banco de Imágenes y Sonidos (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 ES) flash player needed. Photos (CC0 1.0) no reselling or claiming photos as your own. That is the only stipulation.

Behold (Flickr search) (attribution) (CC0 1.0) You can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or

Burst (CC0 1.0) Photos may be used for any purpose. Simple.

Cabrera Photo End 1 Week 1 pic section is (CC0 1.0)

Car Pictures Images on this site are licensed (CC-BY) or (CC-BY-SA); Image descriptions and metadata are (CC-BY-SA). (CC0 1.0) totally free use of photos. if you want to show thanks, a cup of coffee is all that is requested. Sweet stuff. (CC0 1.0) Free for personal and commercial use.

Cepolina Free Photo Collection Download any photo for private or commercial use (websites, paintings, digital presentations, books, t shirts and cross stitch) credit must be given, no hot linking, and no cloning site stock. (CC0 1.0) All copyrights have been waived. photos are free for any use. (CC BY 3.0) aside from photos, this site also offers other graphics.

Cromavista - Ricardo Martín Herrero's photo gallery. Photos may be distributed and can be downloaded and used without any limitation except for commercial use.

Crow The Stone CC0 Site says "Free photos to use any way you want"

Cupcake (CC0 1.0) Do whatever you like with the photos.

Daria's Free Photography - this is a tumblr site with beautiful "free to use" photography (CC0 1.0) all photos are in the public domain and can be used for any purpose. Free Hi-Res photos for your personal & commercial use. Attribution not required! You may not create a gallery of images or resell the images.

Deutsche Fotothek (CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)

Dns Digital Photography - site registration is required and a credit to the photographer must be given. The link to the "terms" is not active, so I cannot verify this. Use at your own risk or contact the site owner.

Dreamy Pixel (CC BY 4.0) Two photographers, from Slovenia who love taking photos. The majority of the photos are from Slovenia, a hidden jewel of Europe. (CC0 1.0) provides free stock photos that can be used without citation (CC0 1.0) Free textures, photos and seamless textures

Emilian Robert Vicol (CC0 1.0) Flickr user offering photos in the public domain. Site owners retain rights but allow you do do whatever you wish with images except pad your own stock photo site with their images. Photo search engine locating photos with various licences. Check each photo before downloading to ensure proper credit, if any, is needed etc. (CC0 1.0) but, no selling or redistributing the photos without permission or proper attribution. CC0 unless otherwise noted

FindA.Photo (CC0 1.0) Thousands of free stock photos offered at this site totally free.

Free Health and Fitness Stock (CC0 1.0) Free for commercial use. No attribution required

FoodiesFeed (CC0 1.0) These photos are published with the public domain license, but it is asked that you provide credit to the photographer, if possible. It is not required, just appreciated, since the photos are donated.

FotoDiSpalle (CC BY 4.0) photos are high resolution and free under the aforementioned licence (CC0 1.0) Unless otherwise noted. Naturally it is asked that the photos not be used in an unsavory way. You get the gist. The front page states "Every image is Public Domain or CC0. Free to Download and Free to Use" but I would check the each photo's terms before using any of them. (CC0 1.0) Giving photos a second life by offering them in the public domain.

FREE for commercial use (CC0 1.0) The photos at this site are amazing... and, you can download them in hi-res 300dpi and do whatever you desire with them. (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) is an option Further research may be needed. Site says free for personal and commercial use, but then requests link attribution. Also, there are no model releases for photos including people. FYI (CC0 1.0) This site offers photos in the public domain that are contributed by photographers who make their photos freely available. (CC By 4.0) (CC0 1.0) Free stock Photos for Commercial and Editorial Use. Nice stuff here, lots of categories.

Freely Photos (CC0 1.0) If you are looking for free Christian themed photography in the public domain. This is the place. CC0 and royalty free - credit/attribution not required, but appreciated. This site states, "free for use by anyone for any purpose! Use them anywhere and anyhow you like, for commercial or non-commercial use."

Free Photos Bank - Photos posted are free to use for a website, book, magazine, etc. You cannot download photos to sell as is or modified from any source and credit must be given.

Freerange Stock - This site offers photos under Our images are licensed under Equalicense (CC0 1.0) All images are offered in the public domain. Submissions are accepted, but must be released into CC0 as well. - (CC BY 3.0) free high quality stock photos

Free Stock Image Site I don't see an official license on the site, or in the terms, but it is stated that the photos here are free for personal and commercial use - no resale.

Free Stock Photos This site offers both photos and clip art. Each image carries its own license, so be sure to check each image your intend to use. (CC0 1.0) No redistribution without permission. (CC0 1.0) A free image directory for finding high quality photos that can be used for any purpose, personal or commercial. (CC0 1.0) for any images published by - photos found via the search feature must use the license from the originating sites. (CC0 1.0) In addition to public domain photos, this site offers clip art and vectors, also CC0.

Good Stock Photos photos can be used in any way except be resold, claimed as your own, added to a gallery without credit, or profited from. The license is similar CC0, but does not permit use for pornographic, criminal, defamatory or degrading purposes, nor does it permit implied endorsement or resale/redistribution.

hbr online (standard license, and CC BY-ND 4.0) - photo blog free for commercial and personal works

Holga and toy camera photography by Clifford Brown (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) - (attribution required) A Photographic Journey into the Past CC0 - donations help keep the free photos coming. Search engine for finding public domain and creative commons images at Flickr and elsewhere.

Images of Empowerment (CC BY-NC 4.0)

IMC Photo CC0 linked section only 99,021 images (CC BY 3.0 US) and 155,874 images (CC BY-NC 3.0 US) Site states, "free to use for personal and commercial projects" see Terms page before using images. CC0

Kaboompics (no redistribution) (CC0 1.0) Does not include model releases.

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google CC0 (search 47 sites)

Looking Glass Photos CC0 - I did not see an official license, but use is permitted for personal and professional use as long as you don't redistribute, sell or host any of the photography. CC0 & Attribution req. (CC0 1.0) and (CC BY-SA)

Michael Kowalczyk Photography (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

MMT (CC0 1.0) This site offers photos free for commercial use and provides new photos each week.

Moni's Photo (CC0 1.0) A passionate photographer who releases all of her photos into the public domain.

Moveast (CC0 1.0) Another wonderful photographer who releases their photos into the public domain. CC0 - personal and commercial, no attribution required, but always appreciated.

National Park Service Historic Photos (gov)

NegativeSpace (CC0 1.0) Nice photos in high res totally free - for whatever!

New Old Stock (CC0 1.0) Vintage photos from public archives that are in the public domain.

New Zealand Free Photos (CC0 1.0) photographs of New Zealand, its scenery, landscapes, cities, and nature.

NOAA Photo Library (Gov) "collection spans centuries of time and much of the natural world from the center of the Earth to the surface of the Sun. "

Nomad.Pictures (CC0 1.0) In addition to providing public domain images, this site is also seeking images within certain topics for inclusion. See site for details.

Oliur Rahman Photos (CC0 1.0) attribution is not required, but appreciated. (CC0 1.0) but, you may not sell the images, claim the images as your own, redistribute the images, upload the images to stock photo websites, use the photos for illegal or unsavory purposes. (CC BY-SA 2.5) Japanese repository Free for personal and commercial use with attribution. I don't see an official license here at this time. - All photos are licensed under Creative Commons, but not all have the same license. Check each photos terms. With a name like PDphotos, I hope these are in the public domain. The photos point directly to a google photos account, but no other information is given. (CC0 1.0) repository of thousands of free public domain pictures and photographs. (CC0 1.0) search engine that finds high quality photographs in the public domain for any use. (CC0 1.0) "Photistoric showcases high-resolution, curated series of vintage photographs & vintage prints found in the worldwide public domain."

Photocollections (CC0 1.0) The sites indicates that all of the photos here are in the public domain. Always double check before use.

Photocrops Not only does this site offer free photos, it also offers other media that is free to use in any way you choose. I can't find a license posted anywhere at this time, so use with caution. (CC BY 2.5) More than 3600 photos that are Free to use and ready for instant download. Photos are free for both personal and commercial use, but no resale or redistribution of photos.

Photo Rack (CC0 1.0) all photos are free for personal and commercial use, not attribution required. - (CC BY 3.0) Free photos by the author. Rules for the use of photos (CC0 1.0) free photos added weekly. CC0 selections (CC0 1.0) Any use, no restrictions. (CC0 1.0) A beautiful site offering high res images of India free for any use. Note, there are no model releases. (CC0 1.0) Large collection of public domain images that can be used for any purpose. (CC0 1.0) photos can be used freely by anyone for any reason as long as it is legal.

Picography (CC0 1.0) Nice, free collection of images that can be used however you desire.

Pictures Of New York City - Each photo has it own licence.

Picturing the Century (Gov) (CC0 1.0) offers "public domain images, documents, music, and videos, as well as of media collections related to historical moments, famous people, landmarks, events." CC0 +limitations (CC0 1.0)

Playa Del Carmen Mexico (CC0 1.0) released by photographer to do with as you please. Licenses vary. See each photo and/or contact photo owners.

Portrait Gallery at Uof Texas (CC0 1.0) A selection of portraits of historical figures from the Perry-Castañeda Library, University of Texas at Austin. The images in this collection are in the public domain. You do not need to ask for permission to use these images. (CC0 1.0) All of the photos that I checked seem to have the CC0 lic. but I cannot check them all. be sure to do so before use. (CC0 1.0) offers both photos and clip art in the public domain. (CC0 1.0) offering public domain photos of seascapes and cityscapes.

Pixnio (CC0 1.0) public domain images with no restrictions on use for personal and commercial use.

Public Domain Pic (CC0 1.0) Free stock images for personal and professional use.

Public domain stock photos (CC0 1.0) photos are released into the public domain by the photographer. Credit must be given unless photo is used as a design element. (CC0 1.0) Free Images & Free stock photos

Rawpixel This site uses their own license. Basically stating images can be used for personal and commercial purposes, but the image copyright is still the property of Rawpixel, so you cannot resell, redistribute or claim the image as your own. (CC0 1.0) Authentic Non-Stock Photos for Free. Forever.

Realistic Shots (CC0 1.0) Sites says it provides 7 new photos per week

re:splashed (CC0 1.0)

Scatter Jar Free for personal and commercial use, but no redistributing or selling photos. (CC0 1.0) sea and beach images released into the public domain. (CC0 1.0) Curated CC0 photos - free stock photos and illustrations (CC0 1.0)

Smart iMages (스마트이미지) - (CC0 1.0) Offers free public domain photos and clip art.

Soul Photos (CC0 1.0) this free photo site invites you to come back weekly for new images. I cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of this,.

SpaceX | Flickr (CC0 1.0) These official SpaceX images are being made available to the public and news media with no restrictions. (CC0 1.0) Copyright free photography to be used as you desire. The site says it updates daily. (CC BY 4.0) Images of plants in Hawaii, by Forest & Kim Starr

Startup Stock Photos (CC0 1.0) Just as the name suggests, the photos on this site include imagery good for startup's and business.

Streetwill (CC0 1.0) "free vintage photos to use as you want" (CC0 1.0) high resolution photos for any purpose. (CC0 1.0) Free stock photos for personal and commercial use! (CC BY 3.0) Free Creative Commons stock photo library (CC0 1.0) Free photos in the public domain for any use. (CC0 1.0) and 2 other license options Terms of Use

Superfamous (CC BY 3.0) The Superfamous Images are available under the conditions of a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This means that you can use the work for your own purposes if credit is provided. Photo textures for use "as is" for both personal and commercial use, but no redistribution, and not ripping the photos from the site.

The Light Painters Loft Photos can be used for personal or commercial use with credit, but may not be redistributed, claimed as your own, resold, or used in an unsavory way.

Tommie Earl Jenkins (CC BY 4.0) Portfolio

Topers Photos (CC0 1.0) all photos released into the public domain. No model releases.

Travel Coffee Book (CC0 1.0) photos for any use. - Photos on this site are under copyright, but may be used freely with photo citation - no commercial use. (CC0 1.0) browse and download 2,000 (3.4 GB) free stock images from 10 categories - (CC BY-SA 3.0 DE) All photos on this site are licensed under the creative commons license. - royalty free photography project and a public domain stock photo collaboration *this part is awesome* When you contribute to this project , you automatically get a portfolio website showcasing your additions, personal photo, bio and links. - a new breed of online stock image, video and vector resources. All of our stock is royalty free and available for use at no cost. See license

Unsplash (CC0 1.0) Over 200,000 free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers. License (CC0 1.0) Free stock quality photos for personal or commercial use, no attribution required. (CC0 1.0) 150+ CC0 images that you can use for both personal and commercial projects, and for everything else!

Yellowstone's Photo Collection (CC0 1.0) These images are in the public domain and may be reproduced, free of charge with the proper credit line.

Dead Links (links that are no longer attached to a website will be put here temporarily in case they go live again.)

UPICM (CC0 1.0) The free pics on the site can be used for personal or commercial uses with no attribution required.