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Graphic Images in the Public Domain - Free Vectors, Free Clipart, Free Illustrations, Free Icons

Vector Images The sites claims that "most of the images" on this site are in the public domain, but you must check the license of each file you download and abide by their terms of use. (CC0 1.0) This site offers over a thousand icons in the public domain. This is a nice, clean site with alphabetized categories. All of the images on this site are user submitted, therefore, each image license must be checked before use.

Allvectors.Com (CC BY 3.0) Most of free vector resources published in Allvectors.Com are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. (CC0 1.0) All images and videos on this site are released into the public domain. They may be used in any way you wish - personal and commercial with no attribution required.

DaPino-Colada (CC BY-NC 3.0 NL)

Dreamstime Free (CC0 1.0) This site offers a section with public domain images. (Licenses vary) CC0 selections Free personal & commercial, no attribution, no redistribution without consent.

Image * After Images at this site can be downloaded and used in any way you wish, except for redistribution.

Keep Designing Unless individually specified, all Keep Designing downloads can be freely used for both personal and commercial uses, but host, redistribute or sell any of the images or downloads there without permission.

Norman's Blog (CC0 1.0) Icons are (CC BY 3.0) (CC0 1.0) Images here can be used for any "legal" purpose. "The only restriction is that identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in a way that they may find offensive, unless they give their consent." (CC0 1.0) This site strives to be the largest public domain collection on the web.

Public domain vectors (CC0 1.0) You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Attribution not required but appreciated.

Public Icons - Free icons in the public domain

Retro Vectors Free personal & commercial with restrictions. See terms (CC BY 4.0)

Vector Patterns From the site: "creating patterns for designers to download and use in commercial or personal projects for free of charge, how cool is that. " but no official license suggested. Free personal & commercial with restrictions - no resell, attribution required. (CC0 1.0) All of the great content on this site is in the public domain and may be used freely for whatever purpose. If you want high resolution images, you must get a premium site, which is considered a donation.

Illustrations, Images from Books etc

A Book of Myths and Legends - 5 sets of Public Domain Images

Bunny Peculiar CC0 linked page only

Canadian Illustrated News, 1869-1883 - Library and Archives Canada

Connecticut History Illustrated - Searchable database. The images belong to many different Connecticut museums, libraries and archives, and are preserved in their digital format in the Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA).

Classics for Children, A Third Reader (Stickney) 8 sets of 8 Public Domain Images including Little Red Riding Hood.

Free Vintage Illustrations public domain images, but further research is suggested.

Grandma's Graphics - As far as I can determine, all of the images are in the public domain. (See Copyright info.)

Historic Illustrations of Art and Architecture - these illustrations are now in the public domain under United States copyright law, they may be freely copied and used for any desired application.

Images in the Public Domain (CC0 1.0) 8 categories of high quality scans of images in the public domain.

Old Book Art (CC BY-SA 3.0 US) 4,700 pictures, drawings, maps and other images scanned from antiquarian, public-domain books and other old documents.

Public Useum Handpicked Public Domain Images (CC0 1.0) This site has hundreds of images from old books, magazines, and postcards printed prior to 1923 and are in the public domain. High resolution images come at a premium.

Rare Book Illustrations, Before 1800 - Library and Archives Canada (CC0 1.0) A collection of copyright free images including vintage drawings, paintings, and illustrations in the public domain in the United States. CC0 Public Domain Textures

Texture Tile Library (non-com w/ attribution)

Top Illustrations by Top Artists - Beautiful public domain illustrations

Vintage Scans (CC BY 3.0) Images scanned from vintage publications for you to enjoy, be inspired by or otherwise use as you see fit.

Public Domain Fonts Must view "read me" file of each font to know license

Font Awesome Icons (CC BY 3.0 )

Font Library (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Public Domain Fonts (CC0 1.0) The font section of - it deserves its own link :)

Clip Art

Antique Clip art (CC0 1.0) free Public Domain archives of Victorian, and Edwardian era clip art.

Clip art-America (CC0 1.0) Free public domain clip art about America. (CC BY 3.0) Free to Use & Public Domain Clip Art (CC0 section) Site states that it is an online sharing site for public domain clip art. I would check each image to be certain. clip art (CC0 1.0) selections are clearly marked. please see terms on each page here. From the site "a large collection of high quality, public domain clipart graphics for presentations, web pages, documents, emails..." From the site: "To the best of our knowledge, all of the clip art images available here are in the public domain and can be freely used by anyone. "

Free Kids Clip Art by Phillip Martin (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Full Moon Graphics (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 US) (CC0 1.0) site requires that any items uploaded to the site much be CC0 - it wouldn't hurt to check before downloading a specific image.

Irish clipart archive I don't see a terms page or link to a license, but the site states that "all images are royalty free and may be saved/downloaded and printed/used freely by anyone in any way." Use at your own risk.

Medieval/Renaissance Food Clip-Art Collection site says "permission to print"

Military Clip Art, Photos, Badges, Art, and Multimedia Resources

Free Nutrition and Healthy Food Clipart - our mission is to create stunning, evidence-based materials for passionate health educators who want to make a difference in their patients’ and students’ lives. License to Use Free Web Materials

Dead Links (CC0 1.0) This site offers vectors and clip art - both of which are in the public domain. NO Restrictions :) Files are in SVG, PNG, EPS, – Zip file format.