Coloring Books & Pages

Once I started looking for coloring books, I was amazed by how many coloring books and pages I found. There is a very cool project called Color Our Collections. It uses the hash tag #colorourcollections on social media. Various organizations, libraries, collections, and the like, have created coloring books and pages from artworks within their collections. A fantastic educational tool that is also very creative.

Coloring Books

1970 Bugs Bunny Coloring Book

1970 Pluto Coloring Book

1970 Terrytoons Coloring Book

American Bookbinders Museum Coloring Book Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Coloring Book

Artstor Coloring Book

Beatrix Potter Coloring Book

Biblioteca Comunale di Trento

Biodiversity Heritage Library Coloring Collections

Bodleian Libraries 2017 Coloring Book

Boston Children’s Hospital Coloring Book

Brooklyn Public Library Coloring Book

Cambridge University Library Coloring Book

Carnegie Hall Coloring Book

Color Historic Buffalo : Josh Rakower

Countway, Center for the History of Medicine Coloring Book

Christ’s College Library Cambridge Coloring Book

Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

Cleveland Public Library Coloring Book

DeWitt Wallace Library Macalester College | Coloring Sheet

Digital Indy Adult Coloring Book 2016 pdf

Digital Public Library of America Color Our Collections!

Europeana’s Coloring Book for Grown-ups Color Our Collections

Folger Shakespeare Library | Coloring Book

George Eastman Museum | Coloring Sheet

Getty Coloring Book

Gore Place Coloring-Book.pdf

Gould Library | Carleton College

Houston Area Digital Archives

James Madison University pdf coloring pages

J. Murrey Atkins Library | UNC Charlotte UNC-Atkins | Coloring Book

K-State Libraries | Coloring Book

Lambeth Palace Library Coloring Book

Linda Hall Library Library's Public Domain Images Part of #ColorOurCollections - Hedgehog Express

Loyola University New Orleans Coloring Book

Luesther T. Mertz Library NYBG/125 Coloring Book

Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Sosnowcu (Public Library in Sosnowcu) | Coloring Book

New Mexico State University | Coloring Book

Oak Spring Garden Foundation Coloring Book

Ricker Library University of Illinois Color Our Collections 2017

Ryerson & Burnham Libraries | The Art Institute of Chicago

SF Maritime National Historical Park Research Center Coloring Book of Yachts Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Smithsonian Libraries Color in a New Light Coloring Book

Snowden Library | Lycoming College | Coloring Book

South Carolina State Coloring Book

South Street Seaport Museum - Ships & the River A South Street Coloring Book

The Huntington Coloring Pages

The John Carter Brown Library | Coloring Collection

The National Archives of the United States Coloring Books of Patents 2016

The Library Company of Philadelphia

The Litchfield Historical Society

The NY Academy of Medicine pdf coloring pages

Theodore Roosevelt Center Home

Open Library #ColorOurCollections

The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

The South Carolina Historical Society | Coloring Book

The University of Adelaide | Coloring Book

The Wagner Free Institute Coloring pages

University of Glasgow

University of Idaho Library

University Library at UC Berkeley Coloring Pages

University of Manitoba Coloring Book 2017

University of Minnesota Libraries Color our collections

University of Missouri Coloring Book

University of Notre Dame Coloring Collection

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

West Virginia & Regional History Center Coloring Sheets pdf

Woodson Research Center Coloring Book 2017