AP Chemistry


Welcome to AP Chemistry! This course is designed to provide a solid, first-year college chemistry experience, both theoretically and in the laboratory. The labs will support and supplement the learning in the classroom. Problem-solving skills and communications skills will be emphasized throughout the course. The main focus of this course is to prepare for maximum achievement on the AP Chemistry exam in May.

Class Reminders

Be sure that you have signed up for class reminders by signing up for Remind101. To sign up, text @ptapchem to 81010. This will be used to send updates and quiz/test reminders.

Useful Websites

Mrs. Ramaswamy's YouTube channel houses all of the videos for this course. Subscribe to get any new updates!

MasteringChemistry is the online homework that will be used throughout the entire year.

Click here to access the online version of our text. (A different textbook can be found here.)

The National Math and Science Initiative provides podcasts and videos that cover each topic in great detail. (The password for videos: linuspauling)

Purdue's General Chemistry Help Page provides many step by step examples, as well as explanations for difficult topics.

The Khan Academy provides videos on a variety of chemistry topics.

Bozeman Science also provides many helpful videos on each of the big ideas in AP Chemistry.

Crash Course Chemistry videos give an overview of many chemistry concepts.

Contact (and some tips!)

If you need to contact Mrs. Ramaswamy, you can send her an email at ramaswamys@penntrafford.org.

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