An Opportunity in Science Management

The PTCRIS program from the FCT|FCCN aims to ensure the creation and sustained development of a national integrated information ecosystem, to support research management according to the best international standards and practices. Central to this framework is the synchronization framework PTCRISync that relies on ORCID as a central hub for information exchange between the various national systems and international systems. PTCRISync will enable researchers to register a given research output at one of the interconnected national systems, and automatically propagate that output to the remaining ones, thus ensuring global consistency of the stored information.

Why PTCRISync is an opportunity?

Based on a study that sets time intervals for a researcher to make available his work on a repository, and with the number of times this person have to do this in different systems, then relate that with all portuguese publications in journals produced yearly, it results in the time and money spent in activitities that aren't related with the production of science itself. So, we have an opportunity.

We've made a simulation for what we believe is spent in the activity of registering the same data in multiple systems.

PTCRISync: Simulator

We estimate this intervals in terms of work days that is spent for registering article's data in a determined number of systems:

PTCRIS: Simulador de vantagens

We estimate this intervals in terms of costs (values based on the average researcher's annual sallary) spent for registering article's data in a determined number of systems:

PTCRISync: Simulator

We believe that, based on the opportunities presented for optimizing researcher time, science's production will have a major focus and cost reductions, if PTCRISync is implemented.

Please try out our online simulator for testing the potencial time and cost opportunities