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Vicki-Marie Piper Venn

Welcome to the Online Psychology Tutor website.

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I am a private tutor of Psychology and Sociology. I tutor students following a range of courses, including GCSE, A level and university modules.

  • An online specialist tuition service:

I am based in South Devon, but through my online tuition service I help students from around the UK, including London, Scotland and Wales. Students from other countries can also take lessons with me subject to time zone differences and the legality of private tuition in your home country. Skype technology means we can interact together in real time with no travelling costs. Students will see me and hear me from their laptop or PC. Resources can be emailed or shared via Google Docs.

  • A very highly qualified and experienced Sociology & Psychology tutor:

First Class Honours in Sociology, a Psychology degree, a PGCE from Cardiff and a Masters degree from Exeter graded at Distinction. (Plus over twelve years of teaching/tutoring experience).

  • Availability:

Spaces available from March 2019.

To arrange tuition please call 07917 062798 or email

Please note: the content of this website is designed, developed and written by myself: Vicki-Marie Piper Venn. Sadly, other tutors have recently copied and pasted sections of my website into their own tuition adverts.

I therefore assert my legal rights as the author of this website, the content of which is protected by international copyright law.

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