Psycholinguistics Lab

Department of Psychology, Hiroshima University

Thank you so much for coming to this webpage.

Our missions

  • To clarify arbitrary and non-arbitrary associations between verbal and referential features

  • To apply the findings to practices for language learning, mental health, and so on

Current research in this lab

  • Associative learning of linguistic and referential features (Horinouchi et al., under review; Liu et al., 2021; Obinna et al., in preparation; Yan et al., under review; Yang et al., under review)

  • Relationships between linguistic and referential features (Ando et al., 2021; Kambara & Umemura, 2021; Kambara et al., 2020; Lin et al., in preparation; Wang et al., in preparation)

  • Classical conditioning of evaluative responses of words (Ando & Kambara, in preparation)

Current grants

  • KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Young Scientists (PI: Toshimune Kambara, Ph.D.) (2019-2021)

Laboratory facilities

  • Software for experiments (SuperLab & E-Prime) and analyses (MATLAB, SPSS, & BESA), and hardware for EEG experiments (Polymate Pro) have been equipped in this laboratory.

  • On the other hand, PI currently recommend that all the people in this lab use R as a statistical tool and as a survey and experimental tool.

For improving English sentences on this website

  • If you find any grammatical errors on this website, we would be glad to receive suggestions from native or bilingual speakers of English. Because we are not native speakers of English. Thank you very much for your kindness.