My Nuclear Octopus

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The story so far:

Octopi is under attack! A space dimension portal has been opened and strange beasts from the 1% dimension are getting through.

It's all up to my Nuclear Octopus to save the universe, using his magical ink to send them back to their own dimension.

If you need constant loot boxes, endless powerups, crisp vector graphics, online challenges, multiplayer and 3d.. this is not the game you are looking for. On the other hand, if you love old style, pure of heart out-and-out arcade gaming, you and My Nuclear Octopus may just be on the verge of a beautiful friendship.


  • Visuals that will make your eyes blow up (NOTE: NOT recommended for folks with any photosensitive medical conditions)

  • A control scheme designed for keyboard or an xbox controller

  • Retro chunky pixel graphics

  • Multi-coloured explodopus!!

  • 80's arcade style sound effects

  • A giant eyeball in the middle of the play area

  • Octopi

Axe Throw VR

The perfect virtual reality arcade party game - almost anyone can play! Left handed, right handed, big or small, young or old. In Axe Throw, a virtual axe throwing range becomes your playground or you can see how long you can fend off a zombie apocalypse in survival mode.

With unlockable axes, lots of achievements, plenty of different target types to challenge your skills, and the zombie survival mode, you're going to find this game easy to pick up and hard to master. There's also a practice mode where you can throw as many axes as you like to improve your VR axe throwing techniques.

Master your throwing, take on some undead and storm your way up the Steam leaderboards to show the world how it's done!

Bubbles on the Moon VR

VR Experience

Ever wanted to sit on the moon and make bubbles? Now you can, with Bubbles on the Moon. A relaxing SteamVR experience for all of your sitting on the moon making bubbles desires.

Press the trigger to make bubbles. One controller makes small bubbles, the other controller makes big bubbles.

*Now includes Bubbles In A Hotel Room, a simulation of being in a hotel room making bubbles.

Santa vs. The Meanies: Present Defender

It's a Christmassy take on an old arcade classic..

Santa has just finished delivering all the presents but now he has to stop the Meanies from pinching them all out of the houses. Bonk meanies on the noggin with candy canes to stop them!

Every time a meanie bonks or zaps Santa, the grand old elf will drop some cookies. If Santa runs out of cookies or the meanies steal all the presents, it's back to the North Pole! (don't worry, the kids will still get presents - it just means Santa will have to work late making new ones).

Use keys or a controller to guide Santa in his sleigh and to throw candy canes at the Meanies to get them to go home.