My name is Heather, and I help others connect with their loved ones and spirit guides. I also read tarot cards as well as oracle and angel cards.

My gift has me in awe every single day. I can see, speak hear and feel spirit. I communicate with spirit many different ways but my preferred way to connect is through a picture. When someone comes to my table and sits and says "I have 10 different spirits with me so pick whoever" takes me some time to put the reading together for you because we have to translate all of the information and figure out which spirit I am connected to. Needless to say pictures are pretty straight forward. I can connect to more then one spirit during one reading You hire me and how many spirit you want me to connect to is up to you.

I work at psychic fairs and StellaLunna, LLC. I love meeting people outside of facebook and giving them a chance to have a reading. I also do parties of up to 10 people. I guarantee EVERY SINGLE PERSON gets read. Parties are so much fun! I also bring my cards which is always a trip.

To watch some of my live feed videos, click here to become a member of our Psychic Empowerment facebook group. I announce my live feeds through Instagram and my facebook group. I also do free card readings and mini psychic medium readings. My feedback is over 600 which is amazing! No facebook? No problem send me an email and we can connect. Also, check out my Instagram Psychicmediumpendulumprinces.

To give a feeling of how a reading begins I contact you either face to face, facetime, private messenger, over the phone, etc., A reading like this is best when you can see what I am doing, I check with my pendulum and get a name and am able to tell you how many guides you have. I then communicate with your guide(s) and talk about your past lives and you will see how amazing all of your past lives come to make you who you are in this life. The way your past lives and your current live coinside is amazing. Why do this reading you may ask? How does this make sense you ask? Well the way the past comes into the present is amazing. I have to say spirit guide readings are one of my favorite readings to do. You will walk away from this reading building a relationship with your guide as well as learn the signs your guide(s) send you. You guide can put pieces together for you and to be honest a lot of times this reading turns out to be hysterical.

Prices: Please note the time does not start until after I connect with your spirit guide

  • 30 Minutes: $ 70.00
  • 45 Minutes: $100.00
  • 60 Minutes: $130.00

The medium readings are the readings that make me who I am. I treat every single reading the same whether the reading is 15 minutes, half hour, 45 minutes or an hour. I start talking to your loved one a couple of hours before the reading. Spirit and I talk about my expectations and spirit tells me theirs. Spirit touches me to show me things that were relevant in their life or yours. Spirit touches me to show me some injury or some kind of touch. If a spirit had a breathing issue they will impair my breathing. (Sounds scarier then it is) I pick up on spirit's characteristics, personality, worries, things that happened in their life or their living loved ones lives as well. You can ask questions if you wish. I can connect with more then one spirit during a reading, My favorite part of this reading is the client. My clients are the reason I do what I do. I love to see the shock in their faces, smiling, laughing, remembering and love. I can often see the client able to have peace of mind. I have connected with spirit that have committed suicide, been murdered or died of natural circumstances. I have been able to connect with spirit that passed that morning, a month after they passed or 45 years after they passed. There is no time frame as to when I can connect with spirit.

Prices: Please note the time does not start until after I connect with your loved one(s).

  • 30 Minutes 70.00
  • 45 Minutes 100.00
  • 60 Minutes 130.00

Payment plans always available. Ask me about specials, I always have one running. Gift certificates are available.