Point Sheet Pick-Up

Point Sheet Pick-Up for the fall semester will occur during both lunches, 7th period, and after school on December 12th and 13th. You must have the following ready to turn in, stapled in the following order, to avoid probation or dismissal:

1. Point Sheet

Must include all signatures and contact info for the minimum requirements of 2 initiative and 2 chapter hours. Hours completed after December 11th will count towards the spring semester.

2. Signature Page

Sign the last page in the point sheet document.

3. Closerware Volunteering List

Print the list of opportunities you signed up for via Closerware.

1. Log in to Closerware

2. Click on the "Me" icon

3. Click on the "Volunteering" tab that appears

4. Print the page and highlight opportunities completed this semester

Still confused? See the Closerware tab for a more detailed set of instructions.

4. Receipts from Donation opportunities

If your point sheet includes any donation opportunities (remember, 2 donation hours is the maximum!), staple the receipts from your purchases to your point sheet.

5. Teacher Honor Letter

Keep this detached from the other sheets! Type half a page single-spaced or a full page double-spaced to demonstrate appreciation to any one of your teachers. Include the teacher's full name and subject at the top right of the page. Include your own name at the bottom. Sign your name in pen at the bottom as well.

Where do I stand in my service hours?