How to use Closerware

Start by going to the Closerware website by clicking the picture or this link.

1. Log in

Log in with the username and temporary password you should have received by email.

2. Change password

Click the "change password" option in the blue box in the middle. Change it to something easier to remember.

4. Browse volunteer opportunities

Click the 'volunteer' button in the menu on the top left. You should see a calendar with sources listed.

Click on the source you want. Note the TYPE of source, which is listed in caps before the name.Ex: CHAPTER, DONATION

5. Sign up

If the service opportunity is not full, you will be able to click the sign up button close to the bottom of the page. BE SURE to READ all the instructions before you sign up! Click the sign up button once finished reading.

How to use print your Closerware list for point sheet pick-up

1. Navigate page

Click the 'me' button on the menu on the top left. You should arrive at a page like this.

2. Go to list view and print

Click the 'Volunteering' tab under the 'My Profile' section and print out this list by either exporting (tiny button on the very right) or printing the screen.

3. Highlight

Highlight THIS semester's COMPLETED service opportunities. Bring this to Point Sheet Pickup!