Grant reporting is crucial to furthering science education and positioning you for future funding.

Click the link to download the Project Report form to "sell" your completed project to those who may fund future projects and to those who will duplicate it for their class. When completing all of the sections, use the words that would convince you that this is a worthwhile project that would interest and challenge your students. If in fact, the project did not go as well as planned, suggest ways to improve it.

  • PROJECT TITLE: What is the name of your project?

  • TIME: How much time (# class periods/days/weeks) was required to implement the project?

  • CONNECTIONS to Ohio's New Learning Standards in Science: Using p. 14 of Ohio's Science Standards, please complete the following information. Click here to access the Ohio Science Standards. What topic from p. 14 of standards did this project cover? Copy this statement from your proposal!

  • CONTENT STATEMENT: What "content statement" guided your project? Copy this information from your proposal!
  • ABSTRACT: Provide an executive summary of the project (3-5 sentences). The goal of this section is to “sell” your project to other teachers. Write a simple, concise, and useful summary so that teachers can easily determine whether or not they would want to replicate your project in their classroom.
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: List materials purchased and give a short description of how they were used in the lesson/project. Attach any lessons/worksheets/rubrics that were developed. If your project was implemented differently than you proposed, please describe what you did differently and why (eg, material A was not available so…). Be specific in stating what the students learned. Did they learn how to think deductively or inductively, did they learn how to design experiments, did they learn new skills such as using a balance, a microscope, etc. Give some examples.
  • EVALUATION: How were students assessed prior to, during, and after the lesson/project? Observation/check sheets/rubrics should be attached. What are your pre- and post assessments related to student knowledge? And, what is your analysis of the data you collected?
  • FUTURE MODIFICATIONS: When you duplicate this project in the future, what modifications would you make to have a better outcome (include a discussion on the pre-test and post-test assessments to support any suggested changes)? Be more cost effective? Use class time and out of class time more effectively? What worksheets might you develop? What community collaborators might you include to give the students a richer experience? What might need to be changed so that this lesson “works” for older or younger students?