Elementary and secondary science teachers in Lake, Geagua, and Ashtabula Counties are eligible to submit grant requests. Grants of up to $500 are available for either an individual teacher or a multiple teacher group project. Teachers may participate in either one individual grant or one group grant each year.

Teacher Information Form (Teacher information is not provided to reviewers of submitted applications.)

Online Grant Application (You may want to write the information in a digital format that you prefer (like Word), save it on your computer, then copy/paste that information into the actual grant application.)

Helpful Hints

In accepting a Partners in Science Excellence Grant, you agree to:

  • Spend the grant monies as detailed in their Grant Proposal
  • Provide PSE details of how grant money was spent*
  • Create a Project Report describing the success of the project and recommendations for improvement, if applicable
  • Attend a Grant Symposium to demonstrate project**
  • Provide necessary guidance to ensure the project is completed, if personally unable to finish (e.g. transfer, new job, retirement, etc.). PSE MUST be notified of the changes and provided contact information of the new responsible teacher. Also, if the Administrator that you list on your proposal changes, that contact information also needs to be shared with PSE.

*Past grant recipients should keep in mind that PSE has retained all past grant proposals. All grant proposals should be novel and not just a variation of a previous grant submission.

**In January, following the school year in which the grant was awarded, the grant recipient is required to provide a display at the annual PSE Symposium that gives other teachers and those providing funding for the grants an opportunity to see what was accomplished. The display and brief presentation should generally show the hands-on science that was done by the students.