PS 34's Eco-Fashion Project 2018

Welcome to PS 34's 2nd Annual Eco-Fashion Project Information & Registration Site!

This project is open to PS34's Pre-K to 5th Grade Fashion Designers, Costume Creators, Models, and more! Student will work with their families to create a garment (or costume) using recycled materials. The Eco-Fashion Show will be held on Friday, April 27, 2018, and will be the culminating celebration of Earth Day / Week where we will showcase all designs created.


Four OPTIONAL workshops will be offered to share useful information and skill sets to help with the project. Notes from each session will be posted on this site in the "workshops" section, but families are encouraged to attend in person.

If you have any questions, would like be a part of the event planning team, lend your skills at a workshop / show, or have any additional ideas / suggestions, please contact Tina Wong at

Click here to see Photo Gallery from last year's Eco-Fashion Show.

Eco-School PS 34 Oliver H. Perry Elementary School

131 Norman Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11222

Phone: (718) 389-5842 ۰ Fax: (718) 389-0356 ۰

Event Contacts:

  • Main Contacts: Tina Wong, NWF Sustainability Coach and Deise Kowalski, Parent Coordinator
  • Parent Leads: Alina Calovic, Vivienne’s Mom (2nd Grade) and Lisa Jaycox, Niko's Mom (Kindergarten)
  • Teacher Leads: Ms. Rzerzicha, 5-211 and Ms. Karwinska, K-106

*Support provided by Parent Green Team: Jeanette Sternberg (Isa's mom, 2nd Grade)

WHY Eco-Fashion?

As a Green Flag Eco-School, PS 34's main objective of having an Eco-Fashion Show is to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of consumption and waste. In addition, our goals for the show (and the time leading up to it) is three fold:

To encourage and create an opportunity for...

    • Creativity - ways of interpreting the themes and using "unconventional" materials
    • Collaboration - students working with their families; and families working with other families!
    • Conservation - learning, understanding and sharing the message of environmentalism and stewardship

Consumption and Waste

The United States is home to just 5 percent of the world's population; however it generates 30 percent of its trash. The average American creates a staggering 4.5 pounds of garbage daily. Almost everything we do creates waste, and as a society we are currently producing more waste than ever before.

Both consumption and waste have major environmental impacts. Producing goods and transporting them to consumers uses large quantities of fossil fuels and produces pollution, particularly carbon dioxide (the major greenhouse gas leading to climate change). When these products become waste, they are transported again, usually to landfills, where they produce methane (another potent greenhouse gas) as they break down, or to incinerators, which generate more pollution as they burn.

Eco-Schools USA is a national PK-12 green schools program combining effective green management of school grounds, facilities, and curriculum while empowering today's students for a sustainable tomorrow.

For more information, visit National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools' website.

Sponsors, Donors & Partnerships:

Event produced by Tina Wong and sponsored by National Wildlife Federation Greenpoint Eco-Schools Program.

The Greenpoint Eco-Schools program is made possible with funding provided by the Office of the New York State Attorney General and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation through the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund.

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The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) works with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, elected officials, and our community to maintain, activate, enhance, and expand parks and public spaces in North Brooklyn.

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) is the largest school district in the United States with over 1,800 schools, 1,300 school buildings, 137,500 employees, and 1.1 million students. The Office of Sustainability seeks to transform the DOE into a more sustainable and efficient public entity regarding facility operation and student environmental education. To help achieve our mission, the Office of Sustainability partners with a variety of organizations and non-profits, to provide a wide range of specialized information, resources, and training for our students and teachers to help them make DOE schools the greenest they can be.

For further questions, contact NWF's Sustainability Coach, Tina Wong, at