District 22

On behalf of Superintendent Bove, thank you to all our District 22 administration, staff, students and families. You are Remote Learning Champions!

Return to School Learning Preference Survey

This fall, your child’s school will offer a combination of in-person and remote learning. You can choose from two options:

1. 100% Remote Learning: Opt in to have your child learn 100% remotely (all online, from home). To choose this option for your child, fill out and submit this learning preference form. If you are having difficulties completing this form online, call 311. Deadline to fill out the form is August 7.


2. Combination of In-Person and Remote Learning: Your child can follow their school’s schedule, a mix of in-person days at school and remote learning days from home. To choose this option, no action is needed: your school will be in touch about its schedule and programming plans in the coming weeks. Please visit the Return to School 2020 pages on the website for more information.

  • District 22 Family Support Check in with Superintendent Bove

Please save the date for the next District 22 Family Support Check in with Superintendent Bove on Tuesday, August 11, at 7 PM. Join Microsoft Live Teams Meeting here. We urge you to check back often to the Return To School Webpage, as updates have been made to some pages, including Health and Safety.

One Brooklyn Television will be airing its first broadcast on One Brooklyn TV, channel 5, the HD channel, on June 19, 2020 from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and will continue to broadcast daily, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. You can also live-stream the channel.

Grab and Go Meals:

Department of Education Free Meals site hub advises where to find a meal hub, what is on the menu, Kosher meals and Halal Meals.

Please note that dates, locations and menus are subject to change based on item availability. Families can pick up meals for other families. That is allowed.



During Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, which begins Thursday, April 23 the DOE will significantly increase the supply and distribution of Halal meals.

PS 119 - 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn, NY, 11210

PS 217 - 1100 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

PS 139 - 330 Rugby Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226


P.S. 197 The Kings Highway Academy 1599 East 22 Street,11210

Kosher meals follow the USDA meal nutrition guidelines and are produced in partnership with a certified kosher distributor. Our kosher meal sites are housed in DOE school buildings and staffed by DOE food service staff. Meals offered at our kosher meal sites are free and available to any New Yorker that requests them.

Meals can be picked up at all Meal Hubs 7:30 am to 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Meals Hubs will operate for children and families from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, and for adults from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

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They covid-19 hotel program provides free hotel stays to eligible New Yorkers who cannot isolate where they live. This will help New York City stop the spread of COVID-19.

For families who are seeking to support their children’s learning at home. This page is filled with resources from a wide range of learning creators, and is updated daily.

Please join the Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Preparation Program (YMTP²) for our weekly Friday Livestream sessions broadcasted 2:00 - 2:45 PM EDT. Each Friday YMTP² certified yoga and mindfulness teachers will provide an all-accessible experience comprised of breath, yoga, and mindfulness practices. Learn more about YMTP² by visiting our website which provides wellness resources, virtual breath, yoga, and mindfulness practices and a link to tune in to Friday's broadcast. We look forward to practicing with you.

Even as we practice social distancing and participate in remote learning, the FDNY Fire Safety Education Unit is here to help educate New Yorkers with #FDNYSmart tips to prevent fires in the home. FDNY urges you to visit to watch the full fire safety presentation for school kids.

Sesame Street and Headspace have come together to launch "Monster Meditations," short videos that discuss mindfulness, meditation, and social and emotional learning with kids' favorite characters.

FREE Webinar Understanding the Vaping Epidemic in the Age of the COVID Pandemic: Adolescent and Young Adult Risk presented by: Steven Dewey, PhD 7:00 pm -8:00 pm: Presentation

For more announcements, Social Emotional Learning/Mental Health resources, educational resources, and social services (Updated Daily)

Hi Families! Let's plan for a virtual weekend get away!

How about a virtual trip to see the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Mars, San Diego Zoo, Georgia aquarium or how about a fantastic show? The best part of this weekend's getaway is .... there is no packing needed!

A critical part of our strategy to achieve zero net deforestation in Amazonia by 2020 includes supporting conservation by indigenous peoples. Partnering with these local stewards of the forest helps build a stronger foundation for long-term sustainable development that improves community well-being; secures forest resources; and protects against the worst impacts of climate change.

Access Mars lets you explore a 3D replica of the Martian surface, exactly as it was recorded by the Curiosity rover. As Curiosity has travelled across Mars, it’s taken digital photographs with two stereoscopic camera systems.

The San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park are temporarily closed. To support the wildlife in our care, make a gift today.

Welcome to Peru's Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World! Machu Picchu, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, rises up more than 2,400 meters above sea level where the Amazon Basin meets the Andes.

Check out our live-streaming beluga whale webcam a Georgia Aquarium. This is one of several live webcams to give you a peak of the experience when you visit.

Please visit our School Events and Good News Blog to see all the wonderful happenings in our schools

Guidance for Outdoor Play in Cold Weather

Children benefit from vigorous exercise and should be given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Unless it is snowing, or there is ice on the playground, or the wind chill factor produces an effective temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), temperature alone should not be a barrier to outdoor play. You are encouraged to work with your staff to maintain outdoor play periods, and you should take precautions to keep students warm and to ensure that they are appropriately dressed on very cold days. When outdoors, please ensure that your students and staff cover exposed skin, wear warm clothing, and use multiple layers to maintain warmth. Students that need to avoid the cold weather for medical reasons must submit a note from their health care provider to the school nurse. For questions, contact your BCO health director.

Are you a NYC public schools parent or caregiver who identifies as LGBTQ or do you know of an LGBTQ parent with children who are currently attending NYC public schools?

The DOE’s Office of Counseling Support Programs is looking for participants for a focus group that will help the DOE understand how to best support LGBTQ parents/caregivers and their families. Participants in the focus group will get the opportunity to discuss their personal experiences as parents of City public school students. Meetings will be held in the evening at Tweed Courthouse in downtown Manhattan on a monthly basis and dates and times will be announced in late fall 2018. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in this focus group, please email Shoshana Lief at ilief@schools.nyc.gov.