"The Endowment is like planting a tree. You do not plant a tree with expectations of enjoying its shade today - you must wait until it grows so that it may be enjoyed by future generations."

Garry Wallace, Past President

Rocky Mountain Bank-Broadus

PRCEF is a local affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation

The local PRCEF advisory board is called the School Community Development Council (SCDC).

Current members of the SCDC:

Ann Emmons, Rancher- President

Patty Williams, High School Teacher - Vice-President

Karen Amende, Retired County Clerk & Recorder - Secretary

Kelda Page, Administrative Assistant, Rancher- Executive Dr.

David E. Gardner, C.P.A./Rancher - Treasurer

Larry Woolston, Business owner

Nancy Espy, Rancher

Doug Wilbert, Business owner

Julie Emmons, Rancher, Realtor

Jim Hansen, High School Superintendent

Jacy Collins, Rancher, High School Teacher