Powder River Community Endowment Fund

"The Endowment is like planting a tree. You do not plant a tree with expectations of enjoying its shade today - you must wait until it grows so that it may be enjoyed by future generations."

Garry Wallace, Past President

Rocky Mountain Bank-Broadus

PRCEF is a local affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation

The local PRCEF advisory board is called the School Community Development Council (SCDC).

Current members of the SCDC:

Ann Emmons, Rancher- President

Patty Williams, High School Teacher - Vice-President

Karen Amende, Retired County Clerk & Recorder - Secretary

Kelda Page, Administrative Assistant, Rancher- Executive Dr.

David E. Gardner, C.P.A./Rancher - Treasurer

Larry Woolston, Business owner

Nancy Espy, Rancher, Honorary Member

Doug Wilbert, Business owner

Julie Emmons, Rancher, Realtor

Jim Hansen, High School Superintendent

Jacy Collins, Rancher, High School Teacher

Jim Collins, Rancher