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Thermage - Skin lifting without surgery

Without Surgery

Thermage is a skin lift without surgery that stimulates the production of skin-like collagen. It is ideal to fill wrinkles from the inside and to make a flabby skin firm again. Thermage has been designated from the age of 30 years. A treatment lasts from half an hour to two hours (depending on the number of treatment zones) and only needs to be performed once.

For whom is Thermage?

Thermage is for everyone with a mild to limited skin relaxation. A too weak skin can only be corrected with a facelift. Because Thermage works with sound waves instead of laser beams it is suitable for all skin types and all skin colors.

Wrinkles, flabby skin, double chin, acne, hamster cheeks

With Thermage you can:

Fill up wrinkles around the eyes

Nose-mouth angle wrinkles fade

Lift the eyebrows

Pull up hamster cheeks

Melt a double chin

Tighten the skin of the neck

Acne and acne scars fade

The treatment of stretch marks (streaks), cellulitis, post-pregnancy chickens and the strengthening of the bottom of the upper arms is currently still in its infancy, but is also possible.

How does Thermage treatment work?

Before starting the Thermage, the specialist applies a removable grid pattern to your face. This ensures that the energy is distributed more evenly. A plate is placed under your back to better ground the current.

After the specialist has applied a gel to your face, he uses a handpiece that heats and cools the skin at the same time. Deeper skin layers are heated with radiofrequency energy of 6 million vibrations per second, while the epidermis is cooled to avoid extreme temperatures. During the first part of the treatment the specialist works with low pulses. Over time, he acts more selectively and gives higher pulses in those areas where the skin needs it most (such as the double chin or the nasal mouth fold).

The duration of Thermage depends on the area to be treated. The minimum is half an hour and the maximum two hours. Usually one treatment is sufficient; you do not have to return. Thermage is therefore what is called a lunch break treatment. It does not take much time and you can immediately go back to work without anyone noticing it.

Is Thermage painful?

Thermage is experienced by most patients as a painless treatment. It feels like you are standing in front of a warm fireplace. You should feel a short, deep heat each time you touch the treatment pen. If you do not feel this, it will not work. After all, it is the heat that stimulates your skin to produce new collagen and that counteracts other types of skin aging. If you feel little to nothing, you should ask the specialist to increase the temperature. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, the specialist can apply a pain-reducing cream.


The lifting effect is visible immediately after the treatment. As soon as the skin is warmed up, the collagen fibers tighten and the skin tightens. This lifting effect can reach up to 30%. This is the short-term effect. In the long term, warming will cause the skin to produce new tissue and new collagen. The final result is therefore only visible after two to six months. As long as it takes to produce new collagen. The result remains visible for three to five years. Thereafter, the skin ages naturally again.

Disadvantages and complications of Thermage

Because filling up wrinkles and flabby skin from the inside, with your own collagen, there are no complications or disadvantages associated with Thermage. The temperature of your skin is constantly measured to prevent overheating. The ThermaCool system also has a safety module that ensures that extreme temperatures are impossible. Only 0.2% of patients are confronted with discomforts such as swelling, blisters, unevenness and redness. These will disappear automatically after a few days or weeks.

Everything about Stretch Marks

Striae is also another word for growth strokes. It occurs as often in puberty, by a lot of training or by a pregnancy. Stretch marks are not serious and completely normal. A lot of people, mostly women, suffer from it. You can not do much about it, but it is very annoying for many.

How does Striae Arise?

Stretch marks occur when the subcutaneous connective tissue is pulled apart by rapid growth. Streaks then arise, which can be red. They are a few centimeters long. Stretch marks can also be caused by pregnancy hormones.

Stretch marks occur in areas where the skin is tightest. These are mainly the buttocks, upper legs, stomach and breasts. There are few women who do not suffer from this. One is worse than the other. You do not have to be ashamed because it is completely normal. As the stripes last longer, the redness will also decrease. If your skin is tanned by the sun, you will see that the stripes become more visible. In some people, the streaks due to a tanned skin become less. That is different per person.

The special thing about striae is that no hairs grow anymore and there is no more sebum present. You will not exclude sweat from stretch marks. This is a separate phenomenon and it shows that your skin is broken, because it no longer functions. This skin damage can no longer be repaired, but visibility can only be reduced. More about that later.

In short, striae arises if you grow faster than your skin can keep up. By a rapid growth in puberty, a pregnancy, but also if you get a lot of kilos or quickly grows muscles in the gym. Your subcutaneous connective tissue then tears and that is what you see. It will never recover.

What can you do about it?

There is little to do with stretch marks and it will never completely disappear. However, more and more products and products are coming onto the market against stretch marks. You will have to try out what works well for you. A number of beauty salons and dermatologists work with the Skin Peeler. This device ensures that your stretch marks almost disappear, although you will always see this always, even if it is not as bad as in the beginning.

There are also various creams available at chemists and pharmacies. A cream that helps a lot of people in a lot of people can be found at toko's or Surinamese stores. It is called Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme. It is a very fatty cream. Only lubricate this on your body and not on your face. Lubricate it twice a day on your stretch marks and you will see results after a few weeks. On Youtube you can see different before and after movies. This product is definitely worth trying.

To prevent more stretch marks, you can rub your skin with almond oil, which is very nourishing. In any case, make sure that you use a nourishing body lotion after showering. Showering dries your skin very much and dry skin is more likely to stretch. Shower every day is therefore also very bad. In addition, it is also important to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. This all contributes to a beautiful and healthy skin.

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