Hair loss after pregnancy

A person loses 80-100 hairs daily, this is a normal phenomenon. This pattern has changed from about five months of pregnancy. Under the influence of hormones, the hair falls out less quickly. There also seems to be extra hair growth: this can be seen, for example, in the fur on the belly of the woman that suddenly sits. In the scalp the hair is retained extra: the hair loss is significantly less than those 80-100 hairs per day.

The pregnant woman notices this because much less hair stays behind in the well or in the brush during washing and brushing. The hair of the woman looks fuller and also often shinier.

After birth

Immediately after delivery the hormone level begins to drop. This goes very fast the first few days, around the 4th to 10th day after the delivery the woman can suffer from the known maternity tears. These are usually gone after 1-2 days. There is currently no question of hair loss.

Hair loss after delivery starts after about three to six months. Often this can suddenly start from one day to the next. While washing or brushing, you pull whole hairs with you. Sometimes it starts after you give your hair a tan. Anyway, the hair loss has started and can not be prevented.

In principle, the hair that has not fallen out in recent months is already falling. The hair thus catches up. And that can be extremely much.

Bald spots

Sometimes the hair loss is so severe that bare spots appear on the head. Unfortunately, there is not much to do here. There has been barely any hair loss for almost a year, and all that hair wants now to make room for new fresh hair. Eventually, after a few weeks, hair loss will decrease and return to the old level of 80-100 hairs per day. If this is not the case and the hair loss remains serious, then it is advisable to go to a doctor. There may be a different cause.


Vitamin B (the vitamin B-complex) but also certain amino acids play an important role in hair growth. It is therefore advisable to consume enough of these vitamins and amino acids in the diet, or if necessary to supplement them with a preparation. Begin with this before the hair loss starts. But even if the loss of hair has already started, it is not too late to take extra vitamins.


It is very scary when you pull her hands with her. And very sad to see how bare spots occur. Try to leave the hair as calm as possible, use as few hair stains, hair bows or harmful products as possible. Do not comb the hair when it is wet and let it air dry.

Give her time to recover. Those bald spots really grow again with healthy hair. But that takes time. Meanwhile, enjoy the growing baby and do not worry too much about the hair. Because stress can eventually lead to additional hair loss.