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How can you live longer and stay young? Healthy tips

Can you stay young forever? Almost everyone wants to stay young as long as possible, and preferably without too many physical problems. Everything starts with good health, as is often said, and there is indeed the key to a longer life. One of the most important requirements for this is a well-balanced diet with sufficient fruit and vegetables. In addition, physical exercise, avoiding stress and being socially active are also important. Optionally, you can take additional nutritional supplements to support the levels of minerals and vitamins in your body. What can you do to live longer and grow old, and which tips are useful?

Staying young forever?

Staying young forever: it is a dream that occupies many people. People have traditionally looked for remedies and ways to live as long as possible. Staying young forever may be a great goal, anyone who is realistic knows that at most you can slow down the aging process of your body. However, there are ways to take care of your body as well as possible, so that the risk of aging diseases is reduced. Here are some tips.

Healthy food

Healthy food remains the best weapon to protect you against diseases related to aging. You can not stop all diseases or disorders by eating healthy , but you can reduce the chance of it. Eat regular fruit and vegetables, use garlic in your dishes and avoid fast food. An additional tip is to use a teaspoon of honey every morning in your coffee or tea.


Both too much food and too little food can disrupt a good balance and metabolism in your body. Obesity or overweight can increase the chances of high cholesterol, high blood pressure , joint problems and cardiovascular diseases. Wanting to be absolutely slim and exaggerating it (eg anorexia) can lead to underweight again. This can greatly weaken your immune system.


In modern technological society you can hardly escape social pressure and stress. If you do not have a mobile phone, you are almost completely sidelined in society. Nevertheless, it is recommended to take some time for yourself and take a distance. Spoil yourself, for example, now and then with a visit to the spa or take a quiet walk in the woods or on the beach. De-stressing is crucial for staying healthy longer.

Social contacts

A strongly developed social life is a good basis for maintaining contact with the outside world. Call friends and relatives who have not seen you in a long time and ask them how they are doing. It can be good to catch up and share experiences. What you absolutely must avoid is social isolation. Feelings of isolation increase the chance of gloom, lethargy and depression .

Alcohol and medication

Medication aims to cure a person from a disease and to fight the symptoms. Use medicines only if it is really necessary, because in the end it is unnatural substances that we absorb in our body. The more medicine we take, the more the liver and kidneys are put to the test. At the same time, it is recommended to avoid excessive use of alcohol. Regularly drinking one or two glasses of alcohol is good for your health. Furthermore, it goes without saying that smoking is absolutely out of the question.

Physical activity

Exercise and sport are good for circulation, for the muscles, for libido and for a good mood. Regular sexing also helps you feel better and maintain your physical condition. Sports and sex are activities that keep you young and young. Moreover, your mood will also become more positive.

Longer lives with nutritional supplements


Because of the ever faster way of life in the modern world, too little time is spent on preparing healthy meals. As a result, a deficient eating pattern can lead to an unbalanced intake of required nutrients such as minerals (eg magnesium, zinc) and vitamins. If you want to cope with this problem and be sure that your body receives sufficient nutrients, additional nutritional supplements can be a good idea. For example, you can opt for a mineral complex or a multivitamin preparation, where you can enjoy the benefits of different types of nutrients.