Hi, thanks for look in to mi site and thanks for voting me for super representative.

There is a notable powerful team that holds up in top, let´s be a part off them and make it to top together.

To benefit from your votes i will donate SR income to organisations who donates it farther way to make people around the world more happy and healthy.

Escalation off war and crime in the world. Globalizing countries, politicians and markets, did made, many people poor and powerless against life hardness. Injures as well as fatalities is coming to our streets, casualties in both sides. Some have to leave their countries in search for better life. Some trying to make it by ether way.

I had a dream an dream is what i do. I´m, maybe, not enjoy my self in real life, but i trying to get it in my dreams. My dreams is about a people who will make it to success to wealthy and healthy.

I decide to become a man who shares his success to many by little. The world will open up for blockchain and TRON will be providing this. Take my word.. There is a many off people who suffering by healthy issues, children adults and oldies, war veterans and police and prisoners. Did i forget some lets include they to our community. By Clarity token i wish to make us heard..

Check some off the people who donate as little as a penny or so much like a life savings ...

Honorable to mention "One nation"

Take a look to my friends who volunteers to help orphans children in Kenya.

This Facebook page is showing for members what they achieved so far...

Check out official page and make a donation direct to the founders.:

There is more projects ongoing, to help refuges, and people off Syria, please be aware for more information.

Benefits are more and only imagination sets limits, be part off success, be part off People Off Earth.

Be free to response at

Id like to thank you for one more time for believing in me and considering my planes be real in sooner future. Good luck and have a nice day.

W.B.R. Marat Kalasuev

Feel free to make a donate TRX: TE7BWvxSPbsxZ5MVFFLfmkDnBw3MRFQGtw