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Protect Victoria Park Warrington from 'Creamfields' style events

Latest News 15/05/18 :

Residents near the park should all have received the final Residents Newsletter. If you have not received one or have any other issues or questions, email me here

Work has begun on the field building the festival site. Daily monitoring is in progress to ensure that this is completed as promised with no additional damage to the park.

Latest News 01/03/18 :

A Public Meeting is being held on next Tues 6th March, starting at 6pm, at the new stadium on Victoria Park.

At this we will be told all the SJM plans for the so-called "Neighbourhood Weekender" Festival that WILL take place on Sat 26th and Sun 27th May, midday to 10.30pm.

This will go ahead in spite of local objections but we must attend to make sure that adequate plans are in place for e.g. noise management, traffic, security, policing and cleaning.

We have to live here during and after the festival and it's too late just to complain after the event. PLEASE ATTEND to register your concern.

To escort vulnerable residents to the park, VIPRA will be walking as a group from St Hilda's Mission, Slater Street Latchford at 5.45pm. Please meet there beforehand at about 5.30pm.

Residents near the park should all have received a colour leaflet inviting them to the meeting. If you have not received one or have any other issues or questions, email me here

Latest News 12/08/17 :

Sub Committee Councillors have unacceptable conflicts of interest

Councillor Pauline Nelson has the following connections to Simon Moran via Warrington Wolves :

She is a member of The Warrington Wolves Supporters Trust / Squadbuilder's Committee as "Local Council Rep"

on Wed, 1 Jun 2011 Simon Moran (SJM Promotions) Invited her to attend the City of Manchester Stadium for a "Take That" Concert (worth £73 + VAT at the time)

Her profile picture on Facebook shows her in Wolves kit

Councillor Hilary Cooksey is an outside body appointee member of the "Culture Warrington Charitable Trust". This organisation is pledged to "delivering arts, heritage and events across Warrington."

This in turn is in partnership with the Warrington Wolves Foundation (among others).

They should not be sitting on the subcommittee on 15th Aug as they are highly unlikely to give us a fair hearing.

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