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1. the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring; 2. a person regarded as likely to succeed .

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Motivation and information to get you moving and keep you coming back to stay on track with your fave group fitness classes.

Schedule changes and announcements

  • 12/6 NO CLASS
  • 12/21 NO CLASS (Asanas & Ales @ Wallace Brewing. DO IT)
  • 12/24-25 NO CLASSES (Merry Christmas, DUH)

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It's where every 80s training montage starts...

Where you'd prepare for that epic karate match against the town bully. Or where you'd practice for a high stakes dance battle against a rival crew who's trying to cop your turf. This space has inner city attitude with tons of room to sweat. Catch us upstairs at Silver Valley Fitness.


Stay focused and driven to be better in and outside of the studio.

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