Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
  • You'll need: A yoga mat and optional grippy socks.

Why you'll love it

Low impact but highly effective.

Barre blends elements of yoga, Pilates, and ballet. High reps and isometric movement help to tone muscles you didn't even know you had! 30 and 60-minute classes available.

SIGN-UP REQUIRED! Whether it's by email, text, facebook, or courier pigeon, make sure you reserve your spot.

HIIT It & Quit It

Monday & Thursday
  • You'll need: Half an hour and your beautiful body

Why you'll love it

The structure is simple: 30 minutes; 8 exercises; 4 stations; 2 levels of intensity.

This version of HIIT focuses on functional movement, resistance training, and cardio. 100% modifiable so anyone can pick it up. Space is limited so reach out if you plan on dropping in.

Strong by Zumba

Thursday & Saturday
  • You'll need: A yoga mat for floor stuff, water, and just a little bit of Beast Mode

Why you'll love it

HIIT* (High Intensity Interval Training) set to music, designed to make you forget about all the push-ups, planks, and plyo you're powering through. All this, and it's easily adjustable to suit any fitness level, ranging from newby to addict. It's not dancing. So stop trying to use that as an excuse and come see what you've been missing.

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Sample the goods:

*HIIT is pushing as hard as you can for a short burst of time and then recovering for a few seconds at a lower intensity


  • You'll need: some good shoes and to let yo' hair down, girl

Why you'll love it

"There are no wrong moves. Only accidental solos."

The perfect balance of saucy Latin dancing and cardio to get your blood pumping and your booty-shaking. The key to this class is to let loose your inner Beyoncé and slay. We dance in a judgement-free zone. Besides, no one is watching you and mistakes are applauded. Pro tip: Attend at least 4 classes as consecutively as possible to master choreo quickly. #WhenInDoubtStepItOut

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