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Routine air duct cleaning can keep your family healthy by ensuring there is no mold in your vents!

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Air ducts play an essential part in your home. We use cutting-edge equipment to deliver outstanding air duct cleaning services that maximize client satisfaction.

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Our Pro Shine technicians are professional dryer vent installers, who will see to it that your dryer vent installation is done right the first time.

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Professional Cleaning Service

Welcome To Pro Shine Professional Cleaners

We’re Pro Shine Professional Cleaners! We are a family owned and operated business that takes pride in keeping your home, your family, and your workspaces healthy and clean! Whether it is dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, or commercial cleaning, we are here to help!

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Hire Professional Cleaners for your home or business! The Pro Shine team is ready for your service. Dial 843-823-4426 for inquiries!

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Schedule a date to prepare for all equipment and chosen services in for your cleaning date. List your needs and we’ll provide the service.

Cleaning Process

The Pro Shine team is made up of trained members using EPA certified practices, to make sure that your space is clean and healthy for everyone.

Easy Payment

Paying is convenient! We offer multiple payment methods for easy payment after our cleaning service. Experience fast cleaning and easy pay!

We Provide Fantastic Cleaning Services for your Home and Office!

Pro Shine Professional Cleaning’s dryer vent, air duct cleaning and HVAC techniques are state-of the-art and result in very happy customers. We use the most advanced technology with our cleaning . The self-contained system simultaneously brushes and vacuums debris.

Pro Shine Professional Cleaning is committed to exceptional customer service, building trust, and provides top-quality work for every customer. Our outstanding and caring team will provide fantastic service for you!

Keep your Home's Air

Clean, Fresh and Purified

At Pro Shine Professional Cleaning, we want to make every client feel like family. We pride ourselves on providing a transparent process that not only avoids any unexpected steps, but also allows us to educate the client along the way.

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Fact #1

The average home produces 40 pounds of dust per year. Dust gets circulated through the air ducts and into the air we breathe. It also can build up in the air ducts and decrease the efficiency and lifespan of the unit, as it can also become a breeding ground for environmental growth.

Fact #2

17,000 house fires are reported annually. 80% of those are directly correlated to dryer vent fires. The leading cause of a dryer vent fire is a clogged exhaust pipe. Dryer vent lint can actually be used as a fire starter on your next camping trip!

2 Year Growth Free Guarantee

Our Antimicrobial fogging treatment comes with a complimentary 2 year guarantee. We spray EPA certified disinfectants to kill and prevent any microbial growth in the air ducts. We return two years after the date of service to check the system for any regrowth. If the technician finds any growth in the system, we will fog the system again for free! This treatment protects your family from the adverse effects of growth in the system such as asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, and it also helps to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC systems.


What Our Clients Say

Cory was on time and friendly. Most importantly, he was very professional and kept us informed of the work being done and the costs associated with the work. His organization is supportive of veterans, and we received a discount off of the initial quote. I would recommend their services to others.

Gabriel Baker

9 July, 2022

I have an amazing experience with Pro Shine. Cory did the Air Duct Cleaning, I knew I need it but I didn’t know how bad it was. Cory took his time explain how everything work, and show me before and after and what needs to be done. Very transparent and honest person!! I recommend them 1000% Very professional!!

Cinthya Masis

1 January, 2022

Pro Shine were so easy to deal with. From the initial phone call, to the time of service, they were very professional, on time and explained how the whole process works. Cory even showed me pictures and videos of the actual duct vents before and after. I would highly recommend Pro Shine.

Richard Martinez

24 March, 2022

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We are determined to carry on our mission for as long as there will be a demand for that kind of care!

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