Why career-driven moms love Pros&Babes


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I'm an electrical engineer. Being in a male-dominated field, I didn't know many other women who were starting careers and families. I have wonderful friends and family, but nothing replaces the tribe that I found at Pros&Babes... (which) is different than other moms' groups because it talks about careers as well."

- Amanda Robertson, electrical engineer

As a working mom, what I appreciate about Pros&Babes is the space it allows for real, honest conversations with other career-driven women about the challenges we face to balance desires of continued professional growth with motherhood. The workshops offer an opportunity to reflect on what inspires us about our careers, share techniques in balancing parenting and be held accountable for newly developed goals in our work and personal lives." - Johnna L., dementia educator, author, participant

"Pros&Babes provides me a space with women of a similar demographic to discuss challenges I have with returning from maternity leave, work-life balance, and how to continue growing in my career while being a parent. I enjoy both the parenting and career discussions with the other moms where I am able to build my "village" by learning from other moms and providing and receiving support and encouragement."

- Naomi, Research Scientist

"This group was a just what I needed to help transition from work to mat leave. It provided a much needed opportunity to meet other career minded moms and talk about professional topics as well as motherhood."

- Michelle, HR Consultant

"Pros&Babes is a safe place to meet and share motherhood and career experiences with other career minded women in the community. It is particularly beneficial to be meeting face-to-face on a regular basis, and I found the intimate setting of the small groups conducive to sharing and relationship building. These forged connections superior to any online platforms or other mom classes I have attended to-date. I found myself and others much more willing to share in this environment, leading to a more enriching experience for all."

- Andrea, Project Development Engineer

"Through Pros&Babes, I have a demographic and sounding board for my new experiences and issues related to new motherhood and career, which are intimately connected."

- Angela, Senior Policy Analyst

"I felt like it was not alone as a woman who liked to work. It was good to know that other moms are out there and committed to family and job."

- Mother, business owner