Kinia Romanowska - founder and executive director, Pros&Babes

Kinia's love for community-building led her to found Pros&Babes in November 2017 when her first baby was a few months old. She heard moms say they missed the intellectual discussions their work provided while on mat leave and decided to change that. She is thrilled whenever a mom decides to make changes that allow her to better thrive as a mom and professional.


Charlene Schatz, PCC, workshop facilitator, Edmonton

Charlene has over a decade of experience as a career mom. She is an entrepreneur, wife, volunteer, and mother of two young adults.

Her background in social support services served as a foundation for her business, Chara Life Coaching. Charlene champions working parents to thrive rather than just survive! You will find her approach refreshingly authentic, and actionable.

Chara Coaching offers private coaching sessions to support parents who need a customized Back to Work After Baby Plan or are looking to make a change in their life or career. Chara Coaching works with leadership in a wide range of professions across the world and is sure to champion you to thrive rather than just survive! See her exclusive offer to Pros&Babes members at

Johnna Lowther, business development

Johnna is always looking for opportunities to join forces with people and projects that are putting good things out in the universe; things that offer a sense of value and purpose for someone regardless of age, culture, gender, or personal beliefs. Sound too starry-eyed for you? Well, she certainly doesn’t think so.

“There are many of us out there, and if you’re one of them, we should talk. The power that comes from collaboration for the common good can churn out some massively successful products and services,” she says.

Working in the industry of aging services for almost 20 years, and the past four in upper management, she consults in areas of product development, program management, and public engagement. She has been a speaker at both national and global trade conferences such as Missouri Healthcare Association Annual Convention and National Center for Creative Aging Global Leadership Exchange in Washington, DC.

Her joint efforts in research with the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center contributed to a publication in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and her passion for helping persons living with dementia led her to publish a book in entitled “Through the Eyes of Dementia” which won Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release award in its genre upon publication.

With two children under the age of three, she defines herself as a woman of action, unless you put a glass of good wine in hand and the perfect sunset to drink it to, in which case you’ll find her soaking up the leisure life for as long as the moment lasts.