Kinia Romanowska - founder, Pros&Babes

Kinia's love for community-building led her to found Pros&Babes in November 2017 when her first baby was a few months old. She heard moms say they missed the intellectual discussions their work provided while on mat leave and decided to change that. She is thrilled whenever a mom decides to make changes that allow her to better thrive as a mom and professional.


Julia Kurzawa, Workshop Facilitator

A session facilitator at Pros&Babes, Julia is passionate about health promotion, education and leadership and is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion. She has facilitated workshops and talks for parents and professionals on a wide variety of topics from stress management and mindfulness to app development and student literacy. She’s a proud auntie to seven nieces and nephews and bun-mom to two bunnies.