Policies and guidelines


  • Conversations will start with every participant given a chance to speak once, with an opportunity for follow-up comments. Generally, there will be time for less structured conversation once every participant has had a chance to speak.
  • Every participant should have a chance to speak on given topics. Please make sure that everyone has had a chance to intervene once you have spoken twice.
  • The moderator will make every effort to balance structured and free-flow conversation.
  • We hold all stories or personal material in confidentiality.
  • We listen to each other with compassion and curiosity.
  • We ask for what we need and offer what we can.
  • Participants come as their private selves. Vendors of products or services should contact info@prosandbabes.com if they want to promote any products or services to participants. An optional time slot may be reserved at the end of a session for promotional or marketing purposes only if participants express interest in such a presentation. The time slot will clearly be identified as such.
  • The primary purpose of the sessions is to connect, learn and grow with other professional moms. We aim to create a sincere, authentic and professional learning environment. There may be therapeutic moments during the discussions, but our programs are not primarily created as therapeutic groups.
  • Participants as moderators: at the organizer’s discretion, participants may have the opportunity to moderate one of the group discussions. If interested, participants should email info@prosandbabes.com with a topic they want to moderate and links to two references or titles of articles or books they intend to use to support the discussion, along with five questions that will be asked of participants to guide the discussions. Moderators are expected to adhere to the guidelines above.


  • Pros&Babes works with select partners to deliver its programming.
  • We consider our partners on a case-by-case basis, depending on mission, value alignment and service compatibility.
  • Occasionally, participants may be interested in a specific topic. In such cases, the organizer will consider scheduling a specific time slot at the end of a session for a marketing presentation. A fee may apply to cover administrative costs. You may write to info@prosandbabes.com with a proposal that we will keep in mind. We will contact you if an opportunity arises.

Guest speakers

  • Guest speakers may be invited to present at a session.
  • Topics are determined based on participant interest, guest speaker availability and relevance.
  • Guest speakers are generally not compensated for their presentations.
  • If you are interested in being a guest speaker, please email info@prosandbabes.com with a short paragraph outlining your topic, along with a few main ideas, discussion questions and explanation of how the presentation will allow participants to connect, learn and grow as professionals on maternity leave.