• Have you felt lonely or anxious before or during your maternity leave, or worried that you will fall behind in your work when starting a family?
  • Are you concerned about how having a family will impact your career?
  • Are you a professional with children seeking more family and work life integration?

Pros&Babes is an Edmonton-based initiative connecting working mothers and career-minded mothers before, during and after maternity leave. We provide a forum for meaningful discussion, networking and support for parents who love their families but also value their careers.

Participants enjoy stimulating discussion, the opportunity to develop career strategies, improved work/family life integration and benefits to their mental health.

Find out why career-minded moms love our programs.

Upcoming events and programs

Professionals on Maternity Leave: Connect, Learn, Grow

Summer/fall 2018 - starts August 16 - SOLD OUT

Fall 2018 - starts September 25 - register


Register for the fall session. Starts in October 2018.

*NEW* Hops&Pops

Pros&Babes is building a community of dads interested in/on parental leave, or who are part of a family with kids in which both spouses have demanding careers. Join the mailing list to be notified of upcoming meetups.


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The purpose of the Facebook group is to connect women who want to integrate their family and work life. Request to join. Please note that the Facebook group cannot be used as a marketing forum.