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Although all modern buildings constructed within Australia are required to adhere to strict construction methods and evaluations nothing lasts forever - and that’s why it’s well worth learning about building inspections whether you’re a home owner or a first time buyer. The last thing that you’ll want to do is to purchase a house, only to find that its structure is damaged, or that you could end up facing a potentially expensive repair in the future if damp is occurring somewhere out of sight.

What do building inspections involve?

A modern inspection isn’t just something that anyone can carry out – in fact, only those that are licensed to do so will be in a position to offer their services within a legal environment. From stage inspections that can occur throughout the entirety of the properties’ construction through to providing Section 137b reports for owners hoping to sell their homes, there’s a lot involved. If you don’t do all that you can to ensure the integrity of your property, you might struggle to sell it.

And as far as home buyers are concerned, the chances are that they will want to get a hold of mandatory inspections to help to identify any issues. Most building surveyors will need this data to evaluate the condition of a home – and dilapidation reports can also some in handy to make an official note of any areas of concern.

There are even special purpose inspections that may need to take place, particularly within commercial premises that may need to comply with certain legislations (such as disabled access and other similar factors). Furthermore, it can be illegal to sell a house within Australia without the correct set of inspection reports – but with them, the entire sales process can be sped up and made all the more easy.

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What are the benefits of property inspections?

One of the biggest benefits of an inspection (for the buyer in specific) is the reassurance offered by knowing that a trained and licensed professional has deemed the home fit to live in. And for sellers – being able to present potential bidders with proof of inspection can spell the difference between a successful sale and one that ends up going back to the drawing board.

Although there are some people that avoid the expenses of inspections, the reality is that it’s always best to be safe than sorry. With so many things that can go wrong with a house, the last thing that you’ll want is to invest in one that could quickly fall apart, or that might be suffering with long term damage that could pose a health risk to you and your family.