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Tips to Taking the Perfect Real Estate Photos

During a visit, sellers must be able to provide property information when it is requested. If possible, sellers should stay away from potential buyers while remaining available to answer any questions visitors may have. Store all valuables and let visitors walk about at their own pace.

Provide documents

Buyers will be more willing to share their impressions and comment on the property if the above tips are followed. Prepare any documents in advance and give a copy to potential buyers, if they ask. These include renovation bills, declaration of co-ownership, tax bills, electricity, and so on.

Photos also tell a story. Make sure that you take photos highlighting every inch of the property. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Digital camera or smartphone?

Whether you use a digital camera or opt for your smartphone's camera, knowing the device's options can provide better results when selling property. Take the time to check the features available, you will be surprised at the quality of photos that can be taken with a simple device. Review settings such as image resolution, HDR mode, burst shooting, grid mode, flash, and available photo applications to retouch the shots. If you have access to a digital camera a tripod can also be useful when selling the property.

The first picture is the most important

The first picture that a seller puts on a web ad is the one that counts the most because it's the only one that buyers will see in the search results. It is also the photo that will encourage people to click on the ad to see the full content. Usually, the exterior of the property is presented first and then the interior parts.

In the case of a condo, LJHooker says that buyers prefer to see the main living areas such as living room, kitchen and dining room in photos. People are more interested in photos than in everything else, so if a seller does not post photos, buyers will not be interested. That's why presenting many photos that showcase the property is of paramount importance.


HDR mode, which stands for "High Dynamic Range", combines the best of three separate shots with different exposure times into one image. The majority of professional photographers and brokers use this feature to get more detailed photos with richer textures. Since most smartphones offer this option, sellers can take advantage of this technology. Contact LJ Hooker for further details.