About me

I am currently a C.L.E. Moore instructor in the Department of Mathematics of MIT. I completed my PhD in 2020 from the Department of Statistics of Columbia University. My advisor was Ivan Corwin. I did my master and bachelor in statistics from Indian Statistical Institute. Here is link to my CV.

In the Spring 2022, I am teaching the course 'Fundamentals of Statistics' (18.650) in MIT.

In December 2021, I co-organized an online workshop `Quantization days 2.0' with Eveliina Peltola, Gabriele Rembado and Yilin Wang in December 2021.

I spent the fall semester of 2021 at MSRI in Berkeley.

My recent talk on 'Fractal Geometry of the KPZ equation' in MSRI can be found here.

My recent talk on 'Probabilistic Conformal Blocks' in MSRI can be found here.

In the summer of 2021, I co-organized an online seminar on 'Universality and Random Matrix'. This was a satellite seminar series among the MSRI postdoctoral fellows who participated in the MSRI program on 'Universality and Integrability in Random Matrix Theory and Interacting Particle Systems' in the Fall 2021.

Email address: promit@mit.edu