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Over the years, dietary recommendations for achieving the best health outcomes have changed from calorie based meals to balanced and quality food choices. But what exactly does a healthy and balanced meal look like? Below are the important food groups to be included in your meal plan to boost weight loss or prevent unhealthy weight gain.

Food Groups

Fats and Oils like canola or olive and healthy fat from flax or chia seeds complements the other food groups to be included on your meal.

Vegetable choices of varied colors from green to orange and yellow includes spinach, lettuce, kale and other starchy root crops.

Fruits are best when fresh and those in season but depending on your location, availability of these can be a challenge. Choose those that are available all year round like apples, bananas and pears. For those seasonal fruits however when buying as canned, be conscious of added sugars or syrup and choose those packed in water or that which come in their own juice.

A variety of whole grains like in bread or pasta, oats or brown rice are rich in fiber to make you feel fuller after eating and thus eliminate increase food intake that contributes to excessive weight gain.

Healthy protein includes fish, legumes like beans and peas, meat, poultry and even nuts.

Healthy eating involves the right proportion of the basic food groups combined with a healthy drink. It moves past restrictive diet but focus on nourishment at the highest possible level.

Water is highly recommended with 8-10 glasses a day. Other beverages like tea, coffee or juice should be limited to 1-2 servings per day with the least possible amount of sugar. Limit whole milk, butter or other dairy products and substitute with soy based or other milk alternatives like almond or oat milk.

Food Choices

The right amount or quantity in a diet plan should complement the kind or quality of food you take in. The key is to eat a variety of foods so it will be flavorful and interesting. Little focus is given on the right kind of food to eat or where it comes from whether freshly picked form your own garden or processed from a factory. So the best meal plan moves past calorie counting and to choosing best quality as well.

Minimally to none processed products are considered the best choice for high-quality food. They are vegetables and fruits, whole grains and other protein sources and healthier fats that are handled well enough to be safe to consume yet retain their highest nutritional value.

Highly processed or low-quality food choices are those snacks and beverages with preservatives and other chemicals to boost aesthetics but deliver the least possible nutritional value. Most are high in unhealthy fats and rich in sugar.

In summary, whether the goal is taking the pounds off or adding a few more, you should step up this year for that healthier you. But as there is no one right way to eat for everybody, knowing your options and having a guide helps you choose what’s most suited for you. This can be a great start for a healthier lifestyle change.

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Proladox Diet Plan

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