Photoshop Composites

These photoshop composites ("trick photography" or what I call ‘photo-art‘) were all done using Adobe Photoshop.

None of these pictures are real.


This set of images I did to promote my wife’s book Learning By Rote, published by Deerbrook Editions. Whenever possible, I have included the original image used in the photoshop composite..

Notice LEARNING BY ROTE on near side of the table.



I photographed this long dirt road while I was at a vintage car collectors’ show in Desert Hot Springs. Unseen just outside the right edge of the frame are about 40 old cars in mint condition.

Our friend Clark and Martina at a book signing in Palm Springs, California, 2011

A respectful nod to Arthur C. Clarke.

At a local coffee shop, I grabbed a seat, set up my camera, and spent the morning photographing shoppers and tourists.


Graphics I did for Sabor y Cultura Coffeeshop in Hollywood.

Perhaps some condensed milk, Mr. Bond?


This next set of graphics were done for friends & family.

My friend Matthew is a devoted fan of the TV show AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I got a picture frame and presented him this graphic as a birthday gift.


“Decisions, Decisions…”

Another birthday present I did for my friend Matthew (right).

Original Image

John Travolta waits as Brian Newberry confers with Oliver Stone.