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Welcome to Project Africa Development.

Project Africa dev is a project that work for to end poverty in Africa. Africa stands for 70% of all poverty in the world. +70 Million people and families is refugees in Africa. According to some sources every 10 seconds a child is dieing because of no food or watter. There is many that work for to help Africa but many are local or only virtual that do not make any final result.

Project Africa aim to start develope African economy with a transparent cashless economy similar to Swedish economy. Many African countries is working on going cashless and Rwanda is the leader in Africa on cashless economy. Expected that about 70% of Rwandas economy is already cashless.

Transparent cashless economy limit corruption and money laundry. This will help the country to reach international economical level by implement international economical laws of source of origin and what funds will be used to. Also governments get control over economy that they do not have today. Around 80-90% of companies do not pay taxes in African countries. With cashless economy these can be charged automatically. This would increase the tax revenue by 80%.

Investors security depend much on the ecomical structure and safety in each country. Many African countries have today that you need to pay part of the investment to someone that to be able to do or start business. Many times investors fed up with this when there is 20-30 people that need to get paid in different level of the progress. With cashless economy this would be limited and transparent to all parts.

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Active countries: Malawi - Kenya - Rwanda - South Sudan - Sierra Leone

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