Agent-Based Computational Economics for Policy Analysis

Presentation in conference

The agent-based model titled "Ownership structures, technological appropriability and industry concentration" will be presented at the CEF 2019 conference which will take place in Ottawa.

Co-authored by: Mattia Guerini, Philipp Harting, Mauro Napoletano.

Check the conference webpage for more information.

Visiting Period

From the 27th of May to the 13th of June I will be in Bielefeld for working on the agent-based model titled "Governance structure, technical change and industry competition", co-authored with Philipp Harting and Mauro Napoletano.

There, I will also contribute to the weekly seminar series by presenting the progress of this work.

Policy brief presentation

A new policy brief titled "Italy: escaping the high-debt low-growth trap" is going to be presented in Paris at the OFCE lunch seminar on April the 12th and at the OFCE press conference on May the 14th.

Co-authored by: CĂ©line Antonin, Mattia Guerini, Mauro Napoletano and Francesco Vona.

Check the OFCE lunch seminar webpage for more information.