Project 365



This Project 365 is intended to collect one photo each day during the year 2018 reflecting what I believe is an interesting, although possibly un-noticeable, situation - and also sometimes tiny things I hear, read or learn. You’ll find here photos of my everyday life as a mathematician, as well as photos from research trips or holidays. If you’d like any of the photos in better resolution, email me at, and I’ll be happy to send them for non-commercial use.

The project begun in January 2013, and the previous years can be see here:

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Photos taken in...

  • Hollywood (USA)
  • Los Angeles (USA)
  • Chicago (USA)
  • South Bend (USA)
  • Seattle (USA)
  • Salt Lake City (USA)

  • Sequoia (USA)
  • Yosemite (USA)
  • Boston (USA)
  • London (UK)
  • Oxford (UK)
  • Crewe (UK)
  • Endon and Stanley (UK)
  • Dunham Massey (UK)
  • Waterloo (Canada)
  • La Plata (Argentina)
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Paris (France)
  • Valladolid (Spain)

June 2018

Saturday June 30 2018

The pretty fountain in the park by our building, on a trip back after meeting my student. Chicago, USA.

Friday June 29 2018

A day at the office full of meetings and still trying to sort out our visas, and impromptu Grilling party at home with Ben, Ezra and Peter.

Thursday June 28 2018

Macro flower at home.

Wednesday June 27 2018

We love the skyline under the sunset from our new building!

Tuesday June 26 2018

The beautiful flowers James bought for me.

Monday June 25 2018

Grilling in the rooftop, after spending a while trying to sort out our visas...

Sunday June 24 2018

Second day of the Higgs workshop, with a boat trip to finish off the amazing weekend!

Saturday June 23 2018

First day of Higgs 2018 Workshop! Everyone ready to learn a lot.

Friday June 22 2018

On the way to work, having said goodbye to the Unwin's until the fall.

Thursday June 21 2018

The views of the city from the planetarium, after having enjoyed an amazing evening under the stars there!

Wednesday June 20 2018

Grilling in our rooftop, on a cloudy evening. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday June 19 2018

A beautiful afternoon for walking in Chicago.

Monday June 18 2018

The rain outside our window. Chicago, USA.

Sunday June 17 2018

The streets of Chicago sometimes remind me of Berlin.

Saturday June 16 2018

Evening in Chinatown at one of our favourite places after a morning Champagne reception at Cartier.

Friday June 15 2018

The surprise day in downtown Chicago - to celebrate an almost decade together. Finished off by a concert in the parks with friends.

Thursday June 14 2018

First Day with David and Linda visiting in our new place - an afternoon off in the zoo.

Wednesday June 13 2018

Leaves in our apartment whilst waiting for the Unwin's to arrive!

Tuesday June 12 2018

Being a couple of blocks from the Water Tower is quite nice!

Monday June 11 2018

Beautiful leaves covered in rain.

Sunday June 10 2018

Buildings in the gold coast hidden by the mist. Chicago, USA.

Saturday June 9 2018

A day of parent training - we did learn a lot! And could walk to the hospital in a few minutes from the new house!

Friday June 8 2018

Exploring the neighbourhood in between work meetings.

Thursday June 7 2018

Wonderful show of Reb in Chicago - check her music - Rebecca Rego

Wednesday June 6 2018

First evening in our new house, with pretty sunset from our windows.

Tuesday June 5 2018

Evening putting signs everywhere, trying to keep storage and Chestnut things apert.

Monday June 4 2018

Last days in our house, enjoying the sun and our plants.

Sunday June 3 2018

The views that we will miss, after three amazing years here.

Saturday June 2 2018

The colours of our house, after a wonderful afternoon at Ben's BBQ

Friday June 1 2018

Our rings look so pretty!. Chicago, USA.

May 2018

Thursday May 31 2018

Our beautiful boxes - so pretty we don't want to open them! Before the dinner party at home with Dima, Filippo and Gorce

Wednesday May 30 2018

UIC's colours before an afternoon downtown and delicious dinner at Kevin and uncle G!

Tuesday May 29 2018

Flowers of UIC. Chicago, USA.

Monday May 28 2018

Flowers during our walk.

Sunday May 27 2018

Trying to capture the lights on our way back home from a tasty BBQ.

Saturday May 26

Our dried roses. Chicago, USA.

Friday May 25 2018

Long walk to the storage on a sunny afternoon.

Thursday May 24 2018

Downtown visit for our baby visit and other exciting things. Chicago, USA.

Wednesday May 23 2018

Last walk in Oxford before heading back home. Oxford, UK.

Tuesday May 22 2018

Morning views on the way to give my seminar at the Maths. Institute. Oxford, UK.

Monday May 21 2018

Afternoon views of Balliol College, before my teaching talk. Oxford, UK.

Sunday May 20 2018

Sunset in New College before a wonderful hight table dinner. Oxford, UK.

Saturday May 19 2018

A stroll by Worcester College with Rich and Martin after an afternoon in Rich's garden. Oxford, UK.

Friday May 18 2018

Home day before heading to the airport. Chicago, USA.

Thursday May 17 2018

Flowers at home.

Wednesday May 16 2018

Beautiful morning in Wicker park, getting croissants for Fi and Romi's last day.

Tuesday May 15 2018

A beautiful afternoon in downtown Chicago and Navy Pier, Chicago, USA.

Monday May 14 2018

Walk by the river whilst Fi and Romi where exploring it on a boat! Chicago, USA.

Sunday May 13 2018

Morning brunch and stroll by the lake before an amazing baby shower organized by Dima and Nicole!. Chicago, USA.

Saturday May 12 2018

A day full of maths with girls at UIC, and picadita at home to finish off.

Friday May 11 2018

A stroll in downtown all day before a fun vening at the Chicago Symphony! Chicago, USA.

Thursday May 10 2108

Exploring the art institute before Fi and Romi's beer tour. And the day I got a free new iPhone!

Wednesday May 9 2018

Flower petals everywhere - airport visit to pick up Fi after a day in the Salary Committee meeting. Chicago.

Tuesday May 8 2018

Early morning view of the Latin neighbourhood before heading to the airport. Paris, France.

Monday May 7 2018

Sunset drink after a day full of math at IHP and my first seminar (non-conference) talk in Paris, France.

Sunday May 6 2018

Visiting the first D landing beach before heading back to Paris. Impressive place, Bernières-sur-Mer, France.

Saturday May 5 2018

Morning stroll before the beautiful wedding of Vicky and Simon! Bayeux, France.

‎⁨Friday May 4 2018

Afternoon stop in a D landing town before heading to the wedding. Deauville⁩, ⁨Lower Normandy⁩, ⁨France⁩.

Thursday May 3 2018

Walking in Paris under the sunset - after a wonderful catch up with Claire and Olivier. Paris, France.

Wednesday May 2 2018

First full day in Paris, mixing work and walks during the day. Paris, France.

Tuesday May 1 2018

Just arrived in Paris, ready to see all of May 1st protests! Paris, France.

April 2018

Monday April 30 2018

After my last class at UIC for a while, a plane journey to work in Paris. Chicago, USA.

Sunday April 29 2018

A working weekend finishing all the Mid Term marking. UIC, Chicago, USA.

Saturday April 28 2018

Flowers and hat - getting ready for summer trips. Chicago, USA.

Friday April 27 2018

The view from the hospital, after a long day fo work and the monthly visit to hear the hear-beat :) Chicago, USA.

Thursday April 26 2018

Early stroll on a beautiful morning before catching my plane back to Chicago. London, UK.

Wednesday April 25 2018

Walk by the park near our hotel before giving my talk at UCL. London, UK.

Tuesday April 24 2018

A beautiful celebration of the union of Zoe and Jacob at The Ashes, Endon and Stanley, UK.

Monday April 23 2018

Flowers on a sunny afternoon whilst the family gets things ready for the wedding. Crewe, UK.

Sunday April 22 2018

A beautiful afternoon exploring Dunham Massey, UK.

Saturday April 21 2018

Just Arrived to sunny Crewe! Lovely afternoon with James' family. Crewe, UK.

Friday April 20 2018

Flowers in Campus, before taking a plane to England for a wedding time! Chicago, USA.

Thursday April 19 2018

An afternoon viewing apartments. We found one we loved in the Gold Coast! Chicago, USA.

Wednesday April 18 2018

Checking apartments downtown after work, looking for somewhere to move to. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday April 17 2018

A walk by our neighbourhood. Chicago, USA.

Monday April 16 2018

Another view of my building, office is above. Chicago, USA.

Sunday April 15 2018

Brunch at home with banana pancakes and french toast! Chicago, USA.

Saturday April 14 2018

The flowers at Olivia's. Chicago, USA.

Friday April 13 2018

These Lilies kept us happy for so long! Chicago, USA.

Thursday April 12 2018

Japanese clippers - Chicago, USA.

Wednesday April 11 2018

Roses at home from some time ago. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday April 10 2018

We keep having flowers at home, waiting for the flowers to appear outside. Chicago, USA.

Monday April 9 2018

The white campus, before teaching. Chicago, USA.

Sunday April 8 2018

The paths we walk by on the way to the supermarket. Chicago, USA.

Saturday April 7 2018

Back in Chicago from Durham, after my talk at Duke in the morning. Chicago, USA.

Friday April 6 2018

Flowers at home, before teaching and then catching a plane to Duke. Chicago, USA.

Thursday April 5

I had missed James' Madeleines! A day working at home. Chicago, uSA.

Wednesday April 4 2018

Winter is still here in Chicago!

Tuesday April 3 2018

Rain downtown on the way to the hospital. Chicago, USA.

Monday April 2 2018

Early morning sunlight before catching the plane back home. Yosemite, USA.

Sunday April 1 2018

Walking as far as we could in the Mist trail, Yosemite, USA.

March 2018

Saturday March 31 2018

Celebrating James' birthday in Yosemite! A fun walk that ended up being 6 hrs more than expected, lost. Yosemite, USA.

Friday March 30 2018

Early morning walk in Sequoia National Park, having slept next to these giant trees! Sequoia, USA.

Thursday March 29 2018

Sunset by the mountains - we arrived at Sequoia! USA.

Wednesday March 28 2018

The walls by Bea and Jeff's house. Los Angeles, USA.

Tuesday March 27 2018

An afternoon break in the mountain with Bea and Jeff. Los Angeles, USA.

Monday March 26 2018

First day of spring break, off to work in LA for a few days with Jeff! Los Angeles, USA.

Sunday March 25 2018

A day at home trying to recover from all the travelling. Chicago, USA.

Saturday March 24 2018

Robin explaining to all of us what research is like. Chicago, USA.

Friday March 23 2018

Enjoying the first day of Hartshorn's birthday at UIC. Chicago, USA.

Thursday March 22 2018

A day full of maths and physics at PI. Waterloo, Canada.

Wednesday March 21 2018

Teaching before catching the plane to PI. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday March 20 2018

Plants are green, even if it is still winter. Chicago, USA.

Monday March 19 2018

Our campus before Vicky's talk. USA, Chicago.

Sunday March 18 2018

Walk back home after brunch with Laura, Rayan and little Calvin! Chicago, USA.

Saturday March 17 2018

A stroll in the Art institute after brunch, and before the party at Dima's house. Chicago, USA.

Friday March 16 2018

Dinner party at home with Vicky and Simone, Ana and Orin, Nicole and David: everyone making home-made pasta! Chicago, USA.

Thursday March 15 2018

Views of my office from below. Chicago, USA.

Wednesday March 14 2018

Speakeasy after Simone's seminar dinner. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday March 13 2018

Working at home with beautiful flowers. Chicago, USA.

Monday March 12 2018

Stroll downtown Chicago after teaching, to meet Vicky and Simon. Chicago, USA.

Sunday March 11 2018

Brunch under spring flowers with Fi before catching the plane back. London, UK.

Saturday March 10 2018

A stroll in Camden Town with my brother and Joaco. London, UK.

Friday March 9 2018

Ready to walk into the interview day - exciting. Cambridge, UK.

Thursday March 8 2018

Just arrived in beautiful Cambridge. UK.

Wednesday March 7 2018

On the way to my interview at Cambridge. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday March 6 2018

Making sure I remember all the stories. Chicago, USA.

Monday March 5 2018

Beer and pool after Ben's talk at UIC. Chicago, USA.

Sunday March 4 2018

Sunset from Ezras' apartment before dinner. Chicago, USA.

Saturday March 3 2018

A day full of Physics at James' conference, and then the Art Institute! Chicago, USA.

Friday March 2 2018

The University under the sun. Chicago, USA.

Thursday March 1 2018

A walk by our neighbourhood. Chicago, USA.

February 2018

Wednesday February 28 2018

Big day at the hospital after work, before great dinner with George and Bettina. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday February 27 2018

Pretty fire thing. Chicago, USA.

Monday February 26 2018

Flowers before work - Chicago, USA.

Sunday February 25 2018

More flowers at home - trying to make up for the lack of spring. Chicago, USA.

Saturday February 24 2018

Flowers at home, Chicago, USA.

Friday February 23 2018

Deciding what to draw. Chicago, USA.

Thursday February 22 2018

On the way to the doctor. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday February 21 2018

Nicole & David’s beautiful baby present before a night at the Opera. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday February 20 2018

Flowers ready for the dinner party at home. Chicago, USA.

Monday February 19 2018

American University, on the way back home. Chicago, USA.

Sunday February 18 2018

Flowers by the supermarket. Chicago, USA.

Saturday February 17 2018

School buses after a Delicious brunch at David’s house. Chicago, USA.

Friday February 16 2018

Almost flowers on the trees at work. Chicago, USA.

Thursday February 15 2018

Fire or flowers? Chicago, USA.

Wednesday February 14 2018

On the way to teach my classes. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday February 13 2018

Day at the office before the EEG. Chicago, USA.

Monday February 12 2018

James’ amazing Marble cake! Chicago, USA.

Sunday February 11 2018

Delicious Brunch at home. Chicago, USA.

Saturday February 10 2018

Part of our collection, before a wonderful dinner at Misha’s. Chicago, USA.

Friday February 9 2018

So much snow by our home! Chicago, USA.

Thursday February 8 2018

A Day at the cardiologist. Chicago, USA.

Wednesday February 7 2018

Flowers after James’ colloquium at UIC. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday February 6 2018

A day at the neurologist. Chicago, USA.

Monday February 5 2018

Night out at Chicago’s restaurant week! Michelin star tasting! Chicago, USA.

Sunday February 4 2018

First time making home-made parathas. Chicago, USA.

Saturday February 3 2018

Afternoon celebrating David’s birthday! Chicago, USA.

Friday February 2 2018

Fruits after work. Chicago, USA.

Thursday February 1 2018

Enjoying being at home. Chicago, USA.

January 2018

Wednesday January 31 2018

Reminding myself to use my collection of lenses. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday January 30 2018

I love our little things from Heidelberg! Chicago, USA.

Monday January 29 2108

Snowed floors on the way to work. Chicago, USA.

Sunday January 28 2018

After a party at Dima’s, the beans for Katy to grow. Chicago, USA.

Saturday January 27 2018

Wonderful evening at the CSO, Chicago, USA.

Friday January 26 2018

Back in Chicago, made it in time to teach! Chicago, USA.

Thursday January 25 2018

Ready for the interview at Northeastern - Boston, USA.

Wednesday January 24 2018

On my early way back to the US. Valladolid, Spain.

January 23 2018

The clusters of the University of Valladolid, after my talk and before a great Tapas night! Spain.

Monday January 22 2018

Just arrived to Valladolid, Spain.

Sunday January 21 2018

View from the plane on the way to Spain.

Saturday January 20 2018

James’ wonderful Madeleines! Chicago, USA.

Friday January 19 2018

Back at home after some days away - Bridget’s plant is still alive! Chicago, USA.

Thursday January 18 2018

Interview day in Notre Dame, getting to see their pretty maths department. South Bend, USA.

Wednesday January 17 2018

Back in Chicago on the way to South Bend after a few days away. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday January 16 2018

View from the University of Washington, starting an interview day. Seattle, USA.

Monday January 15 2018

Landing in Seattle on a beautiful afternoon. Seattle, USA.

Sunday January 14 2018

Home made delicious gnocchi :)

Saturday January 13 2018

Winter in Chicago, USA.

Friday January 12 2018

Desert time after a fun night with Kevin! Chicago, USA.

Thursday January 11 2018

Well deserved brunch after first visit to the hospital of the year. Chicago, USA.

Wednesday January 10 2018

Exploring Salt Lake City before my flight back home. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Tuesday January 9 2018

Afternoon after my colloquium, with the good news of James’ also being interviewed! Utah, USA.

Monday January 8 2018

First day of interview at Salt Lake City. Utah, USA.

Sunday January 7 2018

Home time before a flight to Utah. Chicago, USA.

Saturday January 6 2018

Home made General Tsao Chicken! Chicago, USA.

Friday January 5 2018

The view of frozen Chicago, about to land... Chicago, USA.

Thursday January 4 2018

Enjoying Buenos Aires after our plane was cancelled. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Wednesday, January 3 2018

Bongo observant on a sunny last day at my Father’s house. La Plata, Argentina.

Tuesday, January 2 2018

The Maracuja had bloomed, and the whole garden looked beautiful. La Plata, Argentina.

Monday January 1 2018

Learning from Fidel’s how to fix things. La Plata, Argentina.