Shark Tank


Shark Tank Presentations

In our second year of presentations, members were again tasked with creating their own product and business. This year all products were in the pre-production phase, so we did not follow the traditional shark tank format because the made up numbers were too theoretical. We wanted to simplify the process so our members could really focus on their product and presentations.

Unlike last year, members received feedback on the spot and there was not a "winner." Groups were simply trying to convince the Sharks to invest in their company.

Members received 3 types of feedback:

  • -I will invest based on what I know today, based on this or that.
  • I will invest IF you can address issue A or B
  • I will not invest today based on this and that

Business Plan:


  • Heatify Jackets (Heated Jacket)
  • Augmented Sociality (Social Media)
  • Petite Garden (Portable Garden Kit)
  • Hairspray

2018-19 M.E. Group

Video of Heatify's Presentation:



Shark Tank Presentations

Members were tasked with creating a product along with a business plan to present to a panel of mock venture capitalists.


  • Ready Crete (Spray on Concrete)
  • What's in Pocket (New iPhone Case)
  • Solar Caps (Solar Hat)
  • Shoe Pill (Improves Smell of Shoes)

2017-18 M.E. Group

Ready Crete (Winner)

Shark Feedback

  • Well developed plan
  • Focus on 1 market (Texas dirt roads)
  • Build 3 yr financials
  • Consider franchise to grow quickly
  • Lease trucks
  • Leverage environmental play
  • Good marketing plan

Original Proposal: $500k for 50% equity

Valuation: 1 mil

Final Proposal: $500k for 60% equity

Valuation: $833 k

What's in Pocket

Shark Feedback

  • Well defined product and pain point
  • Demonstrated product expansion
  • Pursue license module
  • Good presentation skills
  • Develop prototype
  • Protect the idea

Original Proposal: $350k for 20% equity

Valuation: 1.75 mil

Final Proposal: $200k for 50% equity

Valuation: $400 k

Solar Caps

Shark Feedback

  • Develop an initial promotion plan
  • Work on the valuation of the company (usually 1x revenue)
  • Test Target Audience: Will they buy this product?
  • Will need money for initial manufacturing

Original Proposal: $200k for 8% equity

Valuation: 2.5 mil

Final Proposal: $50k for 80% equity

Valuation: $62.5k

Shoe Pill

Shark Feedback

  • Good pain point definition
  • Do some more competition analysis
  • Great research: Good Q&A
  • Develop value prop of extending shoe life
  • Social networking was great!!

Original Proposal: 1 mil for 33% equity

Valuation: 3 mil

Final Proposal: $250 k for 40% equity

Valuation: $625k

Sharks (2017-Present)

Steve Courter


McCombs School of Business

Abha Devine

Co-founder & Managing Director


Chris Hurst


Live Earth

Michael Boyle

Managing Partner

Ecliptic Capital, LLC

Troy Lanier


The Buildery

Guest Speakers (2017-Present)

Betsy Neidel

Founder & Managing Director

Blue Heron Holdings, LLC

Steve Miura

Wealth Management Advisor

The Miura Group