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Getting Started!

Once you have filled out our interest form and received your "Welcome to Project Euphonia" email, follow the steps below to start recording.

Device Requirements:

  • A computer, laptop, phone, or tablet with a built-in or plugged-in microphone

Browser Requirements:

Start Recording:

Recording tips:

  • Make sure only your voice can be heard in the ChitChat recordings. If someone is helping you, please avoid recording their voice.
  • Try to record in a quiet room. The less background noise, the better!
  • Speak naturally when recording. Capturing your usual vs. your 'best' voice will be most useful for this research!
  • Only press the stop button after you’ve fully finished speaking; it’s okay to have a brief silence at the end of each clip.
  • We recommend listening to the first few phrases you record to verify that they’re clear and complete.


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