Project 365



This Project 365 is intended to collect one photo each day during the year 2018 reflecting what I believe is an interesting, although possibly un-noticeable, situation - and also sometimes tiny things I hear, read or learn. You’ll find here photos of my everyday life as a mathematician, as well as photos from research trips or holidays. If you’d like any of the photos in better resolution, email me at, and I’ll be happy to send them for non-commercial use.

The project begun in January 2013, and the previous years can be see here:

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Photos taken in...

  • Hollywood (USA)
  • Los Angeles (USA)
  • Chicago (USA)
  • South Bend (USA)
  • Seattle (USA)
  • Salt Lake City (USA)

Photos taken in...

  • Hollywood (USA)
  • Los Angeles (USA)
  • Chicago (USA)
  • South Bend (USA)
  • Seattle (USA)
  • Salt Lake City (USA)

Photos taken in...

  • Hollywood (USA)
  • Los Angeles (USA)
  • Chicago (USA)
  • South Bend (USA)
  • Seattle (USA)
  • Salt Lake City (USA)

November 2018

Friday November 30 2018

The sun after the storm, shining over the Science Museum on the way to work, and before hosting Lionel and Alison at New College during a great evening. Oxford, UK.

Thursday November 29 2018

The colours of Oxford when there's a storm coming are so amazing! Here is the sky on the way back from a walk with Niko - Oxford, UK.

Wednesday November 28 2018

Our favourite bottles, now across the Atlantic. Oxford, UK.

Tuesday November 27 2018

The second desserts room is ready for what would be a beautiful evening with Chris and Andy. Oxford, UK.

Monday November 26 2018

Walking by Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, after my talk at Imperial College London - my first trip outside the city alone and without Niko! London, UK.

Sunday November 25 2018

Our first Carols service of the year, before our first Black Tie of the year- which was fantastic! - with Rich at Worcester (and which finished with Arranccini after dessert?!). Oxford, UK.

Saturday November 24 2018

Walking through Oxford with the English grandparents on a cloudy day. Oxford, UK.

Friday November 23 2018

A day working from the SCR - this is my view when I don't go and work in my office at the Maths Institute, before a beautiful dinner at Nigel's house with Niko and James. Oxford, UK.

Thursday November 22 2018

Everything was set up for our first Thanksgiving in the UK - beautiful evening, and Niko's first encounter with dogs and with fire! Oxford, UK.

Wednesday November 21 2018

Interesting silver display at New College, with many fancy names around to admire the posh objects, before lunch with Mark. New College, Oxford.

Tuesday November 20 2018

Fun day catching up with Cassandra, and dinner with Jakub, with milk all along. Oxford, UK.

Monday November 19 2018

After a great talk by Sergei, we brought him to New College for High table with Nigel. Oxford, UK

Sunday November 18 2018

Second and last day of the workshop, full of interesting talks! And desserts with Vicky at New College.

Saturday November 17 2018

The first day of my conference at Oxford, all set up - and first time without James' help to run my events! Oxford, UK

Friday November 16 2018

The floors of maths on the way out of work, before having Alex and Bramble for the guest night at New College, Oxford, UK/

Thursday November 15 2018

A beautiful set for "Mark S. dinner" which actually never happened! And hosting Steve at the SCR High table. Oxford, UK.

Wednesday November 14 2018

The Week Steve was here, James working in the SCR by the window, and lunch with Steve in college. Oxford, UK.

Tuesday November 13 2018

Keeping Niko asleep during the morning, practicing my talk whilst walking, before great dinner in college with Robin Dunbar at New College. Oxford, UK.

Monday November 12 2018

Women earn so much less than men, that it's equivalent to not receiving any salary from today - #workingforfree, And New College is the worse?! Oxford, UK

Sunday November 11 2018

Working for my conference with Niko sleeping in the same bed James grew up using! Crewe, UK.

Saturday November 10 2018

Our first road trip all together, on the way to Crewe, UK.

Friday November 9 2018

The tree of Debenhams, Christmas is almost here! Oxford, UK.

Thursday November 8 2018

The walls of the street next to the Radcliffe Cam are always very pretty, before lunch with Nigel and a great dinner with Balazs at St Peters! Oxford, UK.

Wednesday November 7 2018

An evening walk all together, and James' favourite door, might be my new favourite too! Oxford, UK.

Tuesday November 6 2018

A walk to work through the greybeard we used to have lunch at, ten years ago, before a fun dinner at High Table with David as our guest. Oxford, Uk.

Monday November 5 2018

The colours of Oxford continue to mesmerize me on my way to work -- this time, the walls of Trinity College. Oxford, UK.

Sunday November 4 2018

Walking through beautiful Christ Church with Fi and Romi, before SCR dinner all together (and the first time I heard Niko cry, admittedly for just 30 seconds). Oxford, UK.

Saturday November 3 2018

First day with uncle Fidel and aunty Romi!The walls of our building in New College can't be more beautiful! Oxford, UK

Friday November 2 2018

Niko's beautiful face - we love this little boy. Dinner with Ric, David and Laura showing them our pretty SCR. Oxford, UK

Thursday November 1 2018

A display of the oldest books on language at New College which Fernando got to enjoy during lunch at New College - and James' talk here!, Oxford, UK.

October 2018

Wednesday October 31 2018

A halloween that didn't look like one, without the US's decorations! Lunch with Annika before my first dinner alone with Niko. Oxford, UK

Tuesday October 30 2018

The SCR is ready for the longest second desserts of the year - Rich and Juanma will be able to enjoy with us! New College, Oxford, UK.

Monday October 29 2018

The view of the Lamb and Flag passage on the way back from work, and lunch with Mark before dinner at Lionel and Alison's. Oxford, UK.

Sunday October 28 2018

Getting to our apartment every day is a beautiful moment. Fun Sunday night with Rocky as our guest for High Table guest dinner. Oxford, UK.

Saturday October 27 2018

An afternoon enjoying family time at our favourite Tea house, the rose! Best scones ever tried. Oxford, UK.

Friday October 26 2018

Beautiful skies on the way to work, under the warden's lodgings. New College lane, Oxford, UK.

Thursday October 25 2018

A graveyard near new college, and a statue on a bench. Oxford, UK.

Wednesday October 24 2018

The walls of New College lane under an early morning sun, before fun lunch with Kate at Hartford. Oxford, UK.

Tuesday October 23 2018

A walk to Maths via Trinity College, where I used to work during my last months as a graduate student, before our High Table dinner with Michael and Keith. Oxford, UK.

Monday October 22 2018

More sights whilst walking to work, before my talk in the String Theory seminar and dinner at Philip and Xenia's house - this time the beautiful tiny doors! Oxford, UK.

Sunday October 21 2018

An evening taking photos of the beautiful college. New College, Oxford, UK.

Saturday October 20 2018

Our apartment for the rest of the year - all of those windows on the third floor! And the day Niko met his British grandparents. New College, Oxford, UK.

Friday October 19 2018

The walls of Oxford, not yet turned red. Oxford, UK.

Thursday October 18 2018

One of my favourite windows on the walk to work - Oxford, UK.

Wednesday October 17 2018

A day in London, dealing with US visas, eating wonderful food and pumping in the corner of this pub. London, UK.

Tuesday October 16 2018

A walk through the covered market with Niko on his first day out in Oxford, UK.

Monday October 15 2018

First day as visiting fellows at New College, Oxford, as well as at the Maths and Physics departments! Oxford, UK.

Sunday October 14 2018

Early arrival to New College, where we'll be living for the next months - but couldn't find anyone right away. Oxford, UK.

Saturday October 13 2018

Goodbye lovely place - you saw me big and then much smaller. Our travel crib - last piece to go in the luggage for England. Chicago.

Friday October 12 2018

The house is packed, the last breakfast at home was made. Everything's ready for the move to Oxford. Chicago, USA.

Thursday October 11 2018

Flowers of Chicago during yet one more visit to the Hospital. Chicago, USA.

Wednesday October 10 2018

A walk to get my first haircut in Chicago - luxurious me-time post-partum. Chicago, USA.

Tuesday October 9 2018

Yearly visit to the GP, this time with beautiful views. Chicago, USA.

Monday October 8 2018

The use full of baby toys which one day will become useful!

Chicago, USA.

Sunday October 7 2018

All our wine is getting packed - slowly getting ready. Chicago, USA.

Saturday October 6 2018

The wet streets of an autumn in the gold coast. Chicago, USA.

Friday October 5 2018

Our favourite bottle, which helps with breastfeeding - great find! Thanks to Amazon for sending us the bog box of free stuff!

Thursday October 4 2018

The streets of Chicago that makes us miss the big city when away. Chicago, USA.

Wednesday October 3 2018

An early trip to the hospital - and a view we won't forget. Chicago, USA

Tuesday October 2 2018

After a morning at the doctor's, a fun afternoon catching up with Ezra and introducing him to Niko. Chicago, USA.

Monday October 1 2018

Home made Eggs Benedict to start of the day! Chicago, USA.

September 2018

Sunday September 30 2018

Trying the new present that Eduardo gave us - but still to little! Chicago, USA.

Saturday September 29 2018

Packing has started - slowly and steadily, getting ready for Oxford, La Plata and NY.

Friday September 28 2018

The house is full of beautiful toys - these are Edurado's addition!

Thursday September 27 2018 Another day at the hospital and another beautiful view of the water. Then brunch to introduce Niko to Kevin, Izzet and Dima.

Wednesday September 26 2018

Sunset and what is left of our flowers from last week.

Tuesday September 25 2018

Autumn has arrived to Chicago - leaves in the Gold coast.

Monday September 24 2018

These will be a lot of antibiotics for me to take

Sunday September 23 2018

Celebrating my brother's birthday from Chicago - brunch with Kevin and Gorge!

Saturday September 22 2018

More of our flowers at home.

Friday September 21 2018

The sunset from our apartment are always so beautiful.

Thursday September 20 2018

The flowers I got for James are giving colours to our table.

Wednesday September 19 2018

Walk back from getting Niko's passport and renewing my driving license.

Tuesday September 18 2018

A new view from the hospital. They do have nice windows!

Monday September 17 2018

The day Niko met his first non-parent non-medical adult! Breakfast with Steve!

Sunday September 16 2018

Our dinners lately always have a last big course of french cheese!

Saturday September 15 2018

Enjoying Niko, having the paediatrician said he's growing well.

Friday September 14 2018

Follow up visit at the paediatrician, and Nikolay is apparently fully recovered with no lasting repercussions! Tasty brunch at our favourite spot was in place to celebrate!

Thursday September 13 2018

Sunset light at home, before one more delicious grilled dinner at home. And still in the unbelievable happy moments that have arrived after all the hospital things had passed.

Wednesday September 12 2018

Homemade tasty scones with Hasna's recipe, still in the first days of complete happiness.

Tuesday September 11 2018

And life couldn't be happier finally - the false positive now implies that Niko is actually the healthiest and most beautiful little person.

Monday September 10 2018

The little person is so beautiful that it's hard to think he might be so ill... still waiting for that call.

Sunday September 9 2018

Delicious omelet made by James after my green card interview - and still waiting for that call...

Saturday September 8 2018

Homemade eggs Benedict, after 10 months not having them, trying to bright up the waiting days.

Friday September 9 2018

Flowers outside our building, after the call we'd have that afternoon about Niko's possible genetic problems, on our way back to the hospital to re do tests.

Thursday September 6 2018

Opticians' view on my way to the doctor. First outing for a while!

Wednesday September 5 2018

First day all together at home after the long NICU stay, still waiting for test results, not knowing whether to take off our hospital "pass" - by now we had learned, gold = intensive care = very sad.

Tuesday September 4 2018

Nikolay was doing much better, and likely coming home on Wednesday. A very late walk back home from the hospital, and dinner at Le Colonial, on the eve of his return.

Monday September 3 2018

Short nights at home are mainly about pumping milk, and calling the NICU to see how Nikolay is doing. Doctors sent us home to get some rest since we might be taking him home soon.

Sunday September 2 2018

The first results saying Niko was fine came through, and thus a lunch in a cuban spot by the hospital seemed a good idea. But more scary tests still to come.

Saturday September 1 2018

The window we had been filling with feedings during the first days with Niko at home, now seem the darkest unfinished piece of art...

August 2018

Friday August 31 2018

A walk through the hospital's indoor gardens, waiting for more and more test results.

Thursday August 30 2018

And the days got darker by the minute. Now in isolation at the NICU (newborn intensive care unit), waiting for the MRI's, EEG's and what not.

Wednesday August 29 2018

Possibly the scariest day in our lives, beginning a long stay (3 weeks they foresee?) at the NICU. Here a few minutes' break at hospital's Potbelly's. The day I wanted to abandoned the Photo Project, and James talked me back into it.

Tuesday August 28 2018

The flowers James bought for me, after the first visit to the paediatrician, and minutes before we realized we had to go to the emergency room...

Monday August 27 2018

taking some time to see the sunset - feeding proved to be harder than expected.

Sunday August 26 2018

Our first outing with Nikolay, to one of our favourite coffee shops - and he got his first present from a stranger :)

Saturday August 25 2018

First weekend at home all together, James grilled some food for us :)

Friday August 24 2018

Beautiful tiny toes, getting ready to go back home. Chicago, USA.

Thursday August 23 2018

First day the three of us together, with beautiful views of the city and a baby next to us.

Wednesday August 22 2018

The big day arrived! Nikolay came at 15:11 after 31 hours of labour. James made sure I took a picture, hours before Niko was here.

Tuesday August 21 2018

And finally my water broke in the morning - after 6 showers and a few hours, the long process started started at NW Hospital. Chicago, USA.

Monday August 20 2018

Still waiting for Epsilon to give some signs of coming home... Chicago, USA.

Sunday August 19, 2018

Afternoon watching the Air and Water show - supposedly the biggest in the country. Trying to see what Americans like doing...

Saturday August 18, 2018

Morning brunch in our favourite spot, always full of birds. And evening listening to Carmina Burana in the parks - almost 20 years after I sang it with the choir in La Plata.

Friday August 17, 2018

So many insects by our window, entertaining us everyday! After a day at work for an interview with NBC! Chicago, USA.

Thursday August 16 2018

An evening grilling in our rooftop, delicious home made burgers! Chicago, USA.

Wednesday August 15, 2018

The Due day finally arrived, but no sign of the little one wanting to get out - so 6k walk to spicy china town!

Tuesday August 14, 2018

Our last appointment before the baby (or what we thought was the last one) and a 10k walk before an evening with friends watching Coco in the park!

Monday August 13 2018

Monday in the office, maybe last visit before the baby comes? UIC, Chicago, USA

Sunday August 12, 2018

Early Sunday light in our street - enjoying the pretty views. Chicago, USA.

Saturday August 11, 2018

The streets of the Gold Coast, feeling European! On the way to brunch and catching up with Adri. Chicago, USA.

Friday August 10 2018

Colours of Chicago, on the way to Lao Sze Chuan for dinner. Chicago, USA.

Thursday August 9 2018

Walk back from the hospital on a sunny day, with early labour possibly having started - exciting days to come!

Wednesday August 8 2018

Art on the way to a BBQ dinner with uncles G and K!

Tuesday August 7, 2018

Flowers during a morning out reading at on of our favourite local coffee shops, in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel - before dinner at Ezra's. Chicago, USA.

Monday August 6, 2018

Walk back from the hospital after a small sudden check up - seems epsilon wakes up with ice water!

Sunday August 5, 2018

Wonderful 1$ books we found at the sale last week - before delicious dinner at Misha's.

Saturday August 4, 2018

Beautiful flowers at our local farmer's market, and evening of home-made tacos in the grill.

Friday August 3, 2018

Grilling upstairs with the fire on, summer nights are getting cooler. Chicago, USA.

Thursday August 2, 2018

Hospital visit, followed by an evening at Millers and then at Hamilton - with our lottery 10$ tickets!

Wednesday August 1, 2018

A walk downtown for exercise, banking and chocolate.

July 2018

Tuesday July 31, 2018

I love our little elephant! The day we won the lottery :)

Monday July 31, 2018

My birthday present - and a nice morning doing maths on Skype :)

Sunday July 29, 2018

Our beautiful flowers before delicious brunch at Pacific Time with Kevin and George and family catch up.

Saturday July 28, 2018

Delicious home-made scones with Hasna's recipe :)

Friday July 27, 2018

Chicago's lake on the way to a great Ethiopian meal with Anna and Orin.

Thursday July 26, 2018

An afternoon buying old books from the biggest Chicago library sale, before dinner party with Kevin and Sal.

Wednesday July 25, 2018

Last ultrasound done, one the first day of Full term!

Tuesday July 24, 2018

Sunsets during dinner are mesmerising. Chicago, USA.

Monday July 23, 2018

The views of Physics, after's James' first PhD Student's thesis defence! UIC, Chicago, USA.

Sunday July 22, 2018

A birthday brunch Michelin star celebration by the lake. Chicago, USA.

Saturday July 21 2018

A day doing maths and learning how to draw at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Friday July 20, 2018

I'm 33 now! A fun day full of presents and friends and good food.

Thursday July 19 2018

Walk to my office - UIC's concreteness.

Wednesday July 18, 2018

Walk by the beach after meeting our paediatrician a few blocks from home. What a pretty city we live in!

Tuesday July 17 2018

We found a beautiful fountain by our house - in an old church. Chicago, USA.

Monday July 16, 2018

Sunset by the grill - that's what the summer is about these days since we can't go to conferences... Chicago, USA.

Sunday July 15 2018

Visiting some open houses in the Gold Coast - nothing we want to buy yet.

Saturday July 14 2018

Drying flowers at home, on a sunny afternoon after brunch with David, Steph and the kids. Chicago, USA.

Friday July 13 2018

Grey the cat - goodbye evening to Nicole and David - we'll miss them! Chicago, USA.

Thursday July 12 2018

Walking by the water in "Taste of Chicago" after a day in the dark office. Chicago, USA.

Wednesday July 11 2018

Evening stroll to our local ice-cream shop... very dangerous to have this place in the corner! Chicago, USA.

Tuesday July 10 2018

The brinks in our neighbourhood reminded us of India - and the day we learned how to do CPR to a baby. Chicago, USA.

Monday July 9 2018

Evening flowers after a great and long dinner party at home with Dave, Steve, Dima and Corinne! Chicago, USA.

Sunday July 8 2018

The buildings of the gold coast after trying our local "BBQ and Wings" sport. Chicago, USA.

Saturday July 7 2018

Evening listening to Tchaikovsky and catching up with Dima, Kevin and Ezra.

Friday July 6 2018

Another Friday in the office full of meetings and still trying to sort out our visas... getting close to the big day.

Thursday July 5 2018

The spiders in our windows are quite amazing - it must be so hard to come this high!

Wednesday July 4 2018

Catching some fireworks from our rooftop whilst celebrating with Brad and Bridget at home.

Tuesday July 3 2018

Another beautiful sunset whilst eating on the rooftop with Kevin and George. Chicago, USA.

Monday July 2 2018

Walk by the Magnificent Mile before Charlotte's birthday.

Sunday July 1 2018

Walls of Gold Coast - supermarket walk collection. Chicago, USA.