Our Journey

See how we have shaped and developed our approach to developing a culture of collaboration, sharing of expertise and creating local and regional networks to improve the educational and life chances of children and young people


Over time, the collaborative has come together to support each other to develop a culture a of collaboration in order to share expertise and create local and regional networks to improve outcomes for our children and young people.

Our regional improvement plan was adapted in 2020 to consider new drivers. Arising from this came our multi-phased approach to supporting improvement across our diverse context. This website acts as our way of sharing that improvement journey in an open and accessible way and hopefully from following our journey, you can join us in it.

Our Context

~815 registered early learning and child care settings

80.5% of schools are graded as having good or satisfactory suitability and 82.5% of schools are in a good or satisfactory condition

~ 15,295 children and young people are registered for free school meals. 3,935 more than 2018. Child Poverty rates are estimated to be 17.2%

3,405 FTE support staff - ranging from Pupil Support Assistants to Educational Psychologists

Our Approach to Collaboration

Over time, we have drawn upon our collective experience, our reflections on what the purpose of the collaborative is as well as research to help define how to develop our approach to collaboration. This includes our CCITI model, consisting of:

  • Connect

  • Collaborate

  • Ideas & Innovation

  • Trying & Testing

  • Improvement

You can explore this approach in much more detail by reviewing our latest progress and impact by clicking on the buttons below which will take you through the steps of CCITI.