Profollica™ Reviews

Profollica Reviews

  • After a brutal debilitating relaxer, I had no hair in my temple area and front forehead area. I started using this product in July of 2017, in those areas only, and my very thin non-existent hair at the temple and forehead edges has regained a lot of growth, due to using this product, along with non-sulphuric shampoos, and deep conditioning treatments, along with the Groganic DHT Gro-N-Wild treatment. I have seen and feel the combined has speeded the growth of those areas. So I am very pleased.

Frank, Oklahoma City

  • I have not been using this long. I just started a few weeks ago. But i know the main ingredient has been proven to work. I think it should come in spray form. Its not a gel as it states in the title.

Jeff, Boise

  • Gives body to my hair and volume as well----its great!

James, Los Angeles

  • It is too early in the game to evaluate this product for its ability to help grow hair as I have only been using it for a little over a month. I have not noticed any difference in using the anti-hair loss shampoo and once I have reached the 90 day mark, I will post another review. I'd like to know the results of those people who have used it for 90 days or longer.

John, Austin

  • I have started to take Profollica for a few weeks now and I have already observed hair regrowth in some of the most affected areas. I was absolutely astonished by such fast results. In just 4 weeks I have noticed my stains are getting smaller and smaller and my hair started to grow again. My wife could not believe what really happens. Thank you, Profollica!

Daniel, Dallas

  • I just wanted to say thanks for presenting me Profollica. Since I have started to use this product my hair started to show sings of improvements and I am again confident when I interract with women around me.

Don, Maine

    • As an owner of a hair saloon, I am always eager to try new products. I have noticed baldness on my husband’s head and recommended him Profollica. Four weeks later I can honestly tell you there is a amazing difference.

Lisa, Houston

    • Always skeptikal about products pretending to help hair regrowth, I forced myself not to give up and try anything that I could to get my hair into shape again. After 6 months of Profollica, my hair become thicker, stronger and denser in a manner that impress my family and friends. I always tell them the truth: Profollica. And recommend it further to anyone asking about my transformation.

Tim, London

    • I have started to lose hair since I was 17. Of course, everyone around thought, at one moment or another, that it was funny, except for me. In the end, tired of all funny remarks, I have decided to do something about it. And then I have found Profollica online! Months after, people are looking at me differently and I show off like a peacock’s tail.

James, Aberdeen

Profollica Reviews

What Are The Benefits of Profollica?

Benefits you may expect to experience with continued daily use of profollica for a minimum of 60 days include:

  • Helps to stop the conversion of 5-alpha-reductase to DHT!
  • Promotes the growth of healthy NEW hair!
  • Stimulates blood circulation & nutrient availability to follicles.
  • Regulates scalp oiliness and sebum production.
  • Fortifies the body with vitamins known to prevent hair loss.
  • Awakens dormant hair follicles back into the "growth" phase.
  • Increases hair's elasticity, quality, and texture.
  • Helps to prevent premature greying and may restore hair color.
  • Improves hair body, suppleness, & sheen.
  • Provides relief from dry, itchy scalp conditions.
  • Protects against harmful sun damage.

Does Profollica Help with Hair Regrowth?

Profollica is a standout product in the hair regrowth industry.

Because rather than simply "cleaning" or "purifying" the scalp, Profollica uses the very latest in medical scientific research to deal with the root cause of men's hair loss: excess DHT (dihydrotestosterone)!

DHT literally poisons the hair follicles on top of your head causing them to shrink... and then disappear!

That's why, as your first line of defense, Profollica actually discourages the excess production of DHT, the #1 enemy of hair regrowth!

But there's more to hair regrowth than just inhibiting DHT production. You also need to create a prime environment for hair regrowth. That's why Profollica has evolved into this powerful three-step hair regrowth system:

Step #1 -- Inhibits The Production of Excess DHT with a daily supplement that nourishes the body with our patented, medically approved formulation of 100% natural herbals.

Step #2 -- Eliminates Harmful Scalp Bacteria with our scalp purifying shampoo that actually helps to gently eliminate more serious scalp issues like dandruff, psoriasis, oily hair, itchy scalp and MORE!

Step #3 -- Encourages FAST, Healthy Growth with the follicle stimulator (a.k.a. The Activator Gel), which is sprayed at the roots of the hair after each shampoo.

Most clients report seeing their hair begin to regrow within 30 days of use, with more significant results seen after 60 days of use!

It's an extremely affordable alternative to spending $25,000+ on hair replacement surgery. And it's SAFE -- 100% natural and doctor approved.

Profollica™ Reviews
Profollica: Try an Alternative to Surgery, Prescription Drugs, and Side Effects