Sample Powerpoint

Week 4 - English 100

I typically prepare my Powerpoint presentations a week in advance. Each day in class for a given week is identified by an assigned color–pink is for English 103.

My Powerpoints mainly consist of:

  • Agenda with what we need to accomplish for the day
  • Warm-up Writing Activity created by the students; here are some sample writing prompts
    • Each person shares an item, and we write all of those items into a short story
    • Write a monologue about something you can't resist
    • Play a short game
    • Professor Lindsey Ayotte led a vocal warm-up activity
    • FLTA/PCN TA Joedel Peñaranda led a story-writing activity using photography
  • Announcements & Homework for the next class
    • Homework typically includes a reading and an assignment to write a 2-page scene
  • Discuss element of playwriting
  • Discuss assigned reading
  • Share scenes
ENG 103 - PCN - Week 4