Kindergarten-Second Grade

I am very excited to teach Spanish in your child's classroom this year. I hope we will have a lot of fun together. If you have any questions about anything here or something that comes up throughout the year, please email me at or call me at the school. I would be happy to help. Below you will find important information about Spanish class, and some updates/announcements on what we are learning.

Here is the schedule of classes:

Kindergarten: Wednesday 10:00-10:30

1st Grade: Thursday 1:10-1:55

2nd Grade: Thursday 12:25-1:10

In K-2, the focus is on the expansion of vocabulary and conversation skills. Children further develop their listening comprehension and oral expression skills and they become progressively adept at using Spanish in every day interactions. Music, movement, stories and props continue to be a central part of the curriculum. Cultural traditions, songs and/or games from Spanish speaking countries are introduced. During these first years, listening comprehension skills are developed and receptive language is stronger than expressive language. Music, movement, simple stories, art, rhymes, repetition, props, and sensory activities are central to the curriculum. The aim is to have fun and have a positive first exposure to Spanish. Here are the goals for K-2:

​Oral Communication:

​· Use basic greetings, numbers 1–20, days, months, alphabet, colors, shapes, and parts of the body

· Recognize basic vocabulary, clothing, animals, food, classroom objects and family members

· Express language through song

· Recite prayers

· Demonstrate the events of a story (re-telling)

· Imitate oral expressions

· Interpret short conversations

· Respond to oral questions

· Pronounce correct sound for each letter of the alphabet

​Written Communication:

​· Write numbers 1-10 and color words

· Write the alphabet in order

Language Patterns:

· Recognize and use correct wording and phrasing

· Recognize gender and endings

· Recognize familiar vocabulary in readings by teacher

​Cultural Awareness:

· Learn about Holidays, cultures, food, and costumes of Spanish speaking countries

· Understand central role of family and Church in Hispanic culture