8th Grade

8th Grade Expectations and Policies

8th grade Spanish is the equivalent of the beginning of High School Spanish Level 2. Students begin with a review of previously learned material and they add on to their foundation of grammar and vocabulary. Through class participation, quizzes, exams, oral presentations and projects, students will gain confidence in their ability to use the language beyond a beginner/novice level.

SCHEDULE Classes meet two times per week on Wednesdays 11:20-12:05 and Fridays 9:50-10:35.

GRADING will be based on the following breakdown:

ASSIGNMENTS IN CLASS – 20% All work should be turned in on time. Unfinished or unacceptable work will receive a 0. In addition to this, 1 point will be taken from the studentʼs participation grade if the student fails to turn the assignment in on the day it is due.

PARTICIPATION - 30% Participation points are taken daily and are tallied every 7-10 days for a grade. While each relevant question and answer will receive a point, late assignments and inappropriate behavior remove points. Therefore, a conscious and consistent effort should be made by each student to share an idea or ask/answer a question every day. Oral participation is expected and encouraged. Students should expect to be called on a regular basis. Do not worry about pronunciation at this stage. The more practice, the better it gets. SEE ATTACHED PARTICIPATION RUBRIC BELOW.

ASSESSMENTS - 50% Assessments include formal and informal quizzes. We have quizzes every 7-10 days. There will also be midterm exams and final exams for Spanish.

*Many quizzes will closely resemble classroom assignments.

ABSENCES For each excused absence, students have 1 day to make up any work for each day that was missed without losing points. If a student misses class because of another class or field trip, he or she must turn in the assignment that day. The student is also responsible for finding out what is due and to get copies of notes taken. Students who miss more than 3 class periods in a row will also need to do all of the in-class activities and turn them in. It is the student’s responsibility to make up a quiz in case of an absence. We will coordinate a date for this.

DICTIONARY USE Proper dictionary use is important. Students should use dictionaries to look up single words. Students are prohibited from using the internet to translate their work into Spanish, but may use online dictionaries to translate words. Should students use the internet to translate whole paragraphs and hand it in that way, the student/s will receive a 0 for the assignment.

EXTRA SUPPORT I am available after school on Thursday for students who need help.

ORAL PRESENTATIONS In 8th Grade, students will prepare and present oral presentations several times per year. They will apply vocabulary and grammatical structures learned in class. They are allowed to read and/or memorize their presentations.

STUDYING It is vital to study a little at a time each night. Language must be reinforced consistently to be retained! It is important to remember that students will be held responsible for all current and past vocabulary and grammar, therefore it is important to continue working on them. It is also important to take good notes from class lectures, and from group work. Students should keep all book notes, class lecture notes, and any worksheets in one, safe place for future quizzes/tests. Flashcards, study buddies, and parents willing to quiz students are a BIG HELP!

SUPPLIES Students should have 1. a notebook. 2. a binder, 3. flashcards (2x3 are perfect). 4. Ziplock to store flashcards. 5. 1 dry erase marker. 6. Spanish Dictionary in class AT ALL TIMES.

TRADICIONES/CULTURE PROJECTS Students will also explore and learn about different cultural traditions from the Spanish speaking world. They will complete assignments and projects related to religious and native celebrations.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM – Important announcements about assignments/assessments and notes from class will be posted on this site often. It is the student's responsibility to check. Click below for access to Google Classroom. ​