Product Coach

Have one or two associate or senior PMs in your org?

Help them succeed, and keep them happy, by offering the perk of a product coach.

A thriving Product Manager can make the difference between a blockbuster product and a failing one. But Product Management can be a lonely road, especially in a startup. Young PMs often struggle to prioritize, say no to enterprise customers, or gain leadership buy-in. As a result, a hard-to-maintain snowflake product is built, or worse, customer relationships are burned. Often, the PM burns out and leaves. Prevent these scenarios and nurture your PM with a coach who has been there before, who can provide an neutral sounding board for tough situations.

Here are some scenarios I've coached PMs through:

(1) "A large enterprise customer is demanding a feature that will derail our roadmap, but I can't lose this customer, help!"

(2) "We can't seem to make decisions. And when we do, we backtrack them a week later. I can't do my job like this."

(3) "My team's not sold on my vision, is my vision crazy? What should I do?"

(4) "I'm spread too thin, doing design myself sometimes. How do I make the case for hiring help?"

(5) "Engineering is saying we need to spend more cycles 'hardening', but I need to ship features, what's the right balance?"

(6) "Sales has gone rogue. They're selling features we don't have. And now we're scrambling to keep up. Help."

If you have a scenario not covered here, I have probably encountered it. Book some time with me to discuss.

Who are you?

Hi there. My name is Connie Kwan. I am a 15-year Product Management veteran with experience spanning enterprise, SaaS, consumer apps, cryptocurrency, health tech, energy and semiconductor industries. I was Chief Product Officer at Carrot, and Head of Product at Atlassian's App Marketplace. I shipped consumer apps at Microsoft, founded 2 software startups, and consulted for ImpactIQ and Prior to software, I managed solar and inverter (OEM) products at SunPower and semiconductor products at Cypress Semiconductor. Innovation happens at the intersection of domains. I bring a breadth of domain experiences to your product challenges.

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How do I work with you?

Coaching engagements vary, but a common model is a monthly retainer for 5 hours a month which includes 1 weekly call plus extra time for spec and roadmap feedback. I look for the best way to leverage my time to help you succeed, and you will get access to frameworks and templates that help your team accelerate their product maturity. Book a 15 minute consultation to find out more.